digital marketing strategies for B2B

We know very well that the Internet world favors above all companies that operate with business-to-consumer (B2C) models, i.e. companies that address directly to the end customer. Business-to-business (B2B) companies clearly have a lot of effort, and they have to deal with the problem of reaching specific companies potentially interested in their services.

What can we instead focus on when the goal is to create effective digital marketing strategies to promote B2B products and activities?

Google’s algorithm is a marginal problem

There is no doubt that organic search, especially on the network Google, is one of the best ways to direct traffic to your sit or B2B activities. To do this, however, you need to make sure that the site appears at the top of the search results page.

This is the element on which the bulk of the game is played. Fundamental is to position yourself at the top, so it becomes fundamental to understand the method by which Google analyzes, evaluates and indexes each web page. In other words, it becomes fundamental to understand how the notorious “Google algorithm” works.

Naturally Google is aware also of this factor and understands if a site tries to and fro l or trying to place themselves at the top even without quality content, risking to offer its users a bad navigation experience.

digital marketing strategies for B2B

Let’s focus on professionalism and clarity

Google does not ever offered a lot of information on how to get high rankings in the organic network, apart from the declaration of “providing high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage.” But the secret could not be simply this?

Trying to understand how Google, and try to come up with a form of ‘trick’, marketers of B2B have to use a tactic much more direct and effective : focus on finding words and phrases Key that are relevant to their area business, especially those in the associated search queries.

Once the search terms have been identified, they should be included on the home page along with other relevant content and try to provide the best possible user experience.

The difficult part of this tactic is to find widely used search terms that are not overly used by competitors. But we must realize that to make a quality content you cannot make the texts of simple lists of words with a high rate of research: you have to diversify the terms and make the page more informative and useful as possible.

E-mail marketing campaigns careful

What better way to offer your services if not by contacting companies directly? Yes, but we must be careful and do not believe that it is enough to have databases with thousands of contacts to send avalanches of mail to achieve the desired results.

First, marketers must maintain a “functional” email database. This means that your email list should be regularly reviewed to make sure you send e-mail messages to people still interested in your service, and not to companies that have already expressed their intention to not cooperate with you.

Also, if a user never read your mail in a year, get rid of that contact, because if you are not interested even read your mail, come are interested what you have to offer?

Secondly, we must pay close attention to the arguments. Research indicates that customization and the choice of very precise topics improve the conversion rate. Very important are the header of the email and the first lines of the email: from there the person who is reading will decide if the topic is interesting or not.

The timing is also important. If you send the e-mail during working hours it will be very likely that people cannot pay the attention due. Choose time slots and days of the week on which people can read more carefully, as in the morning, during the break for lunch and order, preferably a Monday or Friday.

One other mistake often committed is to include more items in a single email. Unless l to email is not a company newsletter, elaborate a subject of the easy reading. Do not forget the most important element: call to action.

Focus your efforts on re-marketing

Who clicked on one of your ads recently? For those unfamiliar with the term, the king marketing is advertising an operation that brings up the announcement to those who sought services similar to those of in your business.

You may have displays to a web page, putting an item in a virtual shopping cart and then not have it buys to. Then as if by magic, you can see the element as you navigate. Re-marketing, for B2B companies, is particularly effective, because it allows companies to concentrate their efforts on users who have already searched for a specific service, and then target users.

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