When YouTube announced YouTube Network, its subscription service video, did the hand of various known Youtubers. The initial idea was to offer, with Google Music, original programming created by YouTubers and other content producers who had experience producing videos for the platform. But if anyone thought that Red would fill YouTube clips and cheap to produce short video, it was wrong.

YouTube Network has gone shopping and has acquired its first “traditional” series (understood as a production that lasts 45 minutes and develops a study, Lionsgate in this case). ‘Step Up’, which is the title, it is the adaptation of the popular saga series of dance films of the same title format. And eye, because its price is “traditional” and resembles what they pay other networks and platforms for their chapters: several million dollars per episode.

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That’s right: this does not mean that the video platform will give up their “roots”. In fact, it is expected that the protagonists of the musical drama are stars and famous actors YouTube. It is not known much of the argument, unless the importance of dance and music will be maintained and ambient in a performing arts school for teenagers.

Dance series by the popularity of these videos on YouTube

YouTube bet on this theme is no accident (like not that Netflix started on the adventure of their original series with ‘House of Cards): according explains Susanne Daniels, director of original content from YouTube, “the dance videos on YouTube get million hours of viewing every month. ” The genre of dance is one of the most popular YouTube worldwide. Same with music videos.

Here YouTube has an advantage over the traditional model using chains: from Lionsgate recognize that they sold the series to them because, among other things, pledged to buy a full season flip, pilotless. This model, as I say, collides squarely with that used on American television: first a pilot is requested and, if you like executives, most episodes are responsible. This is something that in the past also has benefited Netflix, which also does well (not Amazon, asking yes pilots).

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What is unknown for now, but imagine themselves be so, it is whether Google has acquired rights are global. Right now YouTube Network is only available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, but their plans have come to Europe. Here YouTube itself can become a serious contender Netflix, as it is also global truth. For now, though, maintain a distinct style of programming and target different audiences, but this new YouTube bet leaves something very clear: yes you are going to bet seriously by the original content.

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