The summer holidays included, is usually the time to start or advance hobby that requires some time for the rest of the year we could not spend. Start and learn with Arduino (or Genuine) can be one of them.

The DIY, the Internet of Things and one maker fever in continuous growth has Arduino as a fashion platform where free hardware, compatibility and cheap technology shake hands. If you have decided to start or advance Arduino, here’s a shopping guide types Arduino compatible models and basic kits to start.

Arduino types and which one to choose?

The first big decision you must make when starting with Arduino is pick plate. In it you will perform the installation and programming elements to achieve this DIY project you have both long wanted to end.

Being a free hardware platform in the market is necessary to differentiate the official plates, of which there are several models, and compatible with an overwhelming variety and we can integrate into our project safely.

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Choosing Arduino (or Genuine) Official

Throughout all the years that Arduino exists, since 2006, they have been very many different types of plate that the platform has released directly. Currently the supply of official Arduino boards is 12 models, and there are as many as discontinued. To these must be added different additions, extensions and selling Arduino kits through its website or its authorized distributors.

Here we must make a technical stop. Much eye with fake plates Arduino because there are many that exist in the market and in some cases not simple to identify.

Officially, Arduino boards are intended for the US market, while outside it is necessary to find the Genuine. The only difference is brand – level legal issues.

As we wish initiated into the world of Arduino or type of main project that we will spend many hours, there is a model or other suitable. The main differences are in the size, connectivity and number of inputs / outputs both analog and digital. You should also consider the amount of internal memory, as much code complex projects require more space.

If your budget allows and you do not want to fall short in a long time, the Mega would be an excellent choice. In addition, when l go adding Shields you’ll see that it has been a success not skimp on input pins.

Arduino other models already have more specific uses such as the series for Internet projects of things or wearables.

Arduino compatible boards

Like yourself could build your own Arduino compatible motherboard, there are numerous manufacturers who take advantage of the popularity of this platform it is free and provides compatible hardware for a slightly lower price solutions.

The compatible Arduino the most recommended are usually those that are both environment to use the “official” Arduino IDE development, and hardware level to use components or shields from different backgrounds. And there are dozens of models available. Unless the price actually interesting or add features you need, features original versions because you will get more information and community willing to help.

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  • Freeduino: Perhaps the best known, is compatible with Arduino family has several models identical to the original versions plates. The most recommended model is the Epic, corresponding with the Arduino Mega.
  • Zigduino: One of the supported models that add extra functionality for almost the same price as the original.
  • I funduino: One of the models compatible with Arduino Uno more affordable than you can get.
  • Freaduino: You see, part of the trick of supported plates is complicating the name perhaps to take advantage of the confusion.
  • SaintSmart: Compatible with Arduino Mega 2560.
  • XcSource: One of its most interesting models is compatible with the Arduino Uno.

Special mention within the plates compatible models deserve as BQ Zum Core. We are here not only to a plate 100% compatible with Arduino but has set an entire ecosystem of modules, community, tutorials and even a programming environment as BitBloq we can use with other Arduino boards.

Recommended starter kits

At an Arduino board, be original or compatible, many elements must be added. From the simple USB cable to charge your memory programs up to the power supply or different modules that give you more sense and allow us to create interesting projects.

Non excessively complicated are many starter kits that both manufacturers and other Arduino compatible boards offer on the market. Here the options are many and varied, and quite disparate prices. The best you can find we have selected:

  • Official Arduino kit: The starter kit and with manual and ready to mount different projects.
  • Kit compatible with Arduino Uno R3 and containing 40 components in a practical case.
  • Starter Kit Funduino: If you want to choose compatible Funduino plate, this kit is better option than separate plate.
  • Zum Kit: With very careful presentation and variety and quality components, the kit with plate Zum BQ Core.

If your option is to hop your own kit, tuned because soon we will tell you what elements and extras will need to complete and be able to run your plate just bought.

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