Chaos grows on YouTube: Pedophile searches frighten advertisers

If a few days ago YouTube Kids was the service that raised the controversy, now is the original website, YouTube, which is the focus of all criticism. The reason, its integrated search engine, which when completing the search term posed a particularly delicate one.

In that search engine in English when entering the terms “How to have” one of the suggestions offered by the search engine was “How to have s*x with kids”. The algorithms that control the functioning of YouTube continue to show their dark side, and advertisers begin to abandon a platform they do not want to see related to their brands.


YouTube wants to compete with Netflix and buy their first series

When YouTube announced YouTube Network, its subscription service video, did the hand of various known Youtubers. The initial idea was to offer, with Google Music, original programming created by YouTubers and other content producers who had experience producing videos for the platform. But if anyone thought that Red would fill YouTube clips and cheap to produce short video, it was wrong.

YouTube Network has gone shopping and has acquired its first “traditional” series (understood as a production that lasts 45 minutes and develops a study, Lionsgate in this case). ‘Step Up’, which is the title, it is the adaptation of the popular saga series of dance films of the same title format. And eye, because its price is “traditional” and resembles what they pay other networks and platforms for their chapters: several million dollars per episode.