Social Networks

Surviving managing social networks of a company hated by consumers

The hated brands must create a strategy that allows them to position themselves ahead of the negative comments. In the list of jobs that may involve losing sleep, breaking the head to create strategies and strategies to connect with the consumer and live in a kind of constant stress is the play a communication profile (and any profile communication worth) in a ‘damn business.” And damn company does not understand anything esoteric worthy of a special on the popular Fourth Millennium, but rather one of those companies in which accepting a job of communication requires thought as well before you have hard skin. Some brands are, for the area in which they work, by the activity they perform or their recent history, firms that are very easy to be hated by consumers (or are simply already hated actively by them) and they get very difficult I work for those who are responsible for managing their brand. One need only think, for example, which may involve work on an oil or communication in recent years and as the accumulated price increases in an electric company.