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The hated brands must create a strategy that allows them to position themselves ahead of the negative comments. In the list of jobs that may involve losing sleep, breaking the head to create strategies and strategies to connect with the consumer and live in a kind of constant stress is the play a communication profile (and any profile communication worth) in a ‘damn business.” And damn company does not understand anything esoteric worthy of a special on the popular Fourth Millennium, but rather one of those companies in which accepting a job of communication requires thought as well before you have hard skin. Some brands are, for the area in which they work, by the activity they perform or their recent history, firms that are very easy to be hated by consumers (or are simply already hated actively by them) and they get very difficult I work for those who are responsible for managing their brand. One need only think, for example, which may involve work on an oil or communication in recent years and as the accumulated price increases in an electric company.

Social Networks
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And among the toughest jobs that can be performed in the areas of communication and marketing of these firms is that of being responsible for the social media presence of these firms. It is material for a reality of ‘community managers in hell’, if you decide to do television. For these workers of social networks, their working hours are full of complaints, negative comments, demands and hours and hours of reflection and analysis to think how to create content that really achieves engagement (or at least not get a long row of comments outraged consumers).

Added to this is to create an audience is very complicated and you get a fan base on social profiles has an added difficulty factor. If it is already difficult for those who might be considered boring companies (those that one does not understand why they have followers on social networks and how they have done to achieve, because the truth is that they have much exciting to tell or much with what attract consumers), is more complicated for firms who are also ‘odiables’ and possibly very hated. Who will fan the company behind the oil spill that ravaged the coast three years ago? The community manager responsible for that profile will have to fight against the elements to get it.

The truth is that those marks are not alone. They are not the only ones, as noted in an analysis Hootsuite, if they were converted into characters of the institute would be that no one would want to sit down with them. There are many more brands like them. And, yes, may be responsible for your social networking involves a lot of work and stress that does not involve being responsible for networks store cupcakes, but the fact is that also an awesome opportunity.

“As social media marketer, manage social networks of a company that everyone hates is possibly one of the opportunities to face a great challenge to which you will face in your career,” remember from Hootsuite. Get reverse the perception that consumers will be very difficult (possibly get a couple of fans will already be a challenge advanced level …) but do it better than anything else demonstrate the own potential as a manager of social networks.

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Are there some keys that allow or do some tricks to make things easier? In the analysis of Hootsuite distinguish certain common points that must be taken into account when a strategy is established for a company that everyone hates social networks.

We love to hate

Consumers, and more time in social networks, they love to hate and love to hate to use that time to build messages. That is, we are in the era of hate-watching, a rather paradoxical activity is to see series that actually just hate to skinning and possibly post a few tweets about how horrible they are. We feel so bad that we can not stop watching it and talking about it. What journalist he did with The Newsroom ?

As pointed out in the analysis, you hate is not a starting point so bad. These negative comments and the noise generated is telling consumers that the brand is known: they know that you exist and are already listening. Worse would be, basically, anyone to know you’re there and that no one knew the name of the brand. Thus, there is already a starting point and a consumer base that may speak to them. It is true that conversation is difficult and redirect it into something positive will not be at all easy.

The key word is education

And it is not simply about being polite and not respond to criticism with angry and arsonists but rather to use the educational tools as a way to reconnect with consumers and make the perception of what makes the brand makes comments. It’s what they do, for example, companies that focus on controversial elements that have made them ideas contrary to or have effects on people and the environment that may be harmful become popular.

Their social profiles are a platform to answer all the questions that consumers may have and also to explain and teach their part of the story.”We need to ensure that our information, our perspective is out there for people who are interested can find it,” says Monsanto online coordinator Janice Person, as included in the analysis. Instead of responding to online reviews directly and one by one, creating an alternative narrative that will also be present in the same space. Monsanto is a leading agrochemical and biotechnology for agriculture: that is, his name is associated with transgenic, herbicides … If your name is searched in Google, the third result that appears is an article on why it is the worst company “on the face of the Earth.”

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Do not pour fuel to the fire

Another key points to keep in mind when making communication in social networks for one of these brands is that they should be ultra careful. What is said and what is done should be measured in a much more carefully and retailer what they do or say other brands and companies have to be very careful not to mess up and, really, with not stoke fire. At the end of the day, as we are reminded in the analysis, the ‘haters’ will find reasons to hate virtually anything is published, so do not give more arguments.

What are the golden rules to achieve it? In fact, just about to let common sense prevail, which is what eventually have in common all these recommendations. Hootsuite gives three teachers not to go out scalded rules. The first is to stay well away from the elements and sensitive issues.Not to get into shirts eleven staff: if a subject does not generate consensus, better not get into it. The second is to worry about self and deal with the same. Nothing appearing in social conversations to which has not been invited or to appropriate issues that have nothing to do with you. Most likely it is that consumers see it all with disfavor. And the third is not boast: no be all the time telling how wonderful the brand and how well it goes, because that just get accentuate the hatred that consumers feel for it.

Do not be a goalkeeper throwing balls out

And finally manage social networks a hated company should not push the practitioner to stay buried by complaints and negative comments. Work should not be to be all the time responding and trying to minimize their impact, especially because often will work falls on deaf ears. The hated brands need from another element should create a strategy that allows them to position themselves ahead of the negative comments. That is, it can not simply be defensive. You have to be able to create content and messages that have an impact even before these negative content are generated.

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