They say that where there’s smoke, rain water, and a time to this part of the river is causing incessant noise. A noise that directly points to a change in the usual strategy video game companies has followed so far in dealing with the renewal of their consoles.

If true everything that is coming to light, Sony and most likely Microsoft would be ready to present soon. Paths renovations of its existing machines, which slightly improve the present and that, always in theory, not leave in the lurch their current users.

The issue generates suspicions, that are inevitable, and many regret and a tragedy for the industry even before it is announced; others however unabashedly prepare the wallet. Before all that happens, we will see exactly what is on the table now and what could mean for business.

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PS4 NEO, without exclusive 4K

Of an alleged PlayStation 4.5 it has been talking time now, but the issue has reached maximum levels of intensity with filtration of what has been called PS4 NEO. On the existing basis, this update would bring significant improvements in processor, graphics and memory.

All this would intended to offer higher quality games, and can reach the coveted mark 4K. Yes, the rumors suggest that the holders of standard PS4 will not be left behind, because Sony would force developers to ensure compatibility of their games with both models.

Nor barriers between users on either machine when playing online for PSN, which is essential for both parties, would be established. On paper, no one would lose a play like that, but of course, the fear that the promise of compatibility with older hardware would always end forgotten there.

Xbox One must keep pace

Although it has not yet put on the table information so juicy, Microsoft has not escaped the rumors about what someone very idea has dubbed Xbox One And A Half (Xbox One and a half). Phil Spencer has already ruled on this a few weeks ago ensuring that the idea does not convince you.

However, recent requests from Microsoft to the FCC for approval suggest that the Redmond Company has on the table a new model of Xbox One. Obviously, it could be a simple set-up and not a total magnification of hardware, but sources close to the company say they have not closed any doors for now.

Despite what was said by Spencer does not much, the only possible movement of Sony PS4 NEO could force Microsoft to change its plans and end up presenting an improvement of its Xbox One that can follow the generational pace. By the way, the confidentiality agreement with the FCC to unveil new hardware not sent for approval expires next few days after E3.

The role to be played by Nintendo NX

Nintendo is the promised happy this coming E3 with all outbreaks positions in its more than confirmed NX, but Microsoft and Sony could steal part of their role if finally play the card of hardware renewal. The issue has a funny story, of course.

That the Big N is on your side is something we have clear long ago, but inevitably the announcement of his new home would be impacted by an attempt to keep alive the current generation by their competitors. Under such circumstances, their commitment to present something really different would be even more necessary.

The question of million dollars knows where to go that bet. The fakes have not stopped running, but beyond the rumor mill, we assume that all NX not necessarily be a technical marvel (could be well below the supposed PS4 and nobody was surprised NEO); in exchange, the safest option is that from Kyoto again bet on a risky and original idea.

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Virtual reality spinning

Amid all this turmoil lies the emergence of virtual reality middle generation, which by necessity has conditioned the roadmap of some companies that most likely did not anticipate the need to adapt to their requirements when designing their consoles quite some years ago.

Systems like Oculus Rift and HTC lives have not concealed at any time since his letters of requirements that need a computer major to enjoy the experience conditions. We speak of machines far above what now provide PS4 and Xbox One, even though the performance conditions are not always the same between the PC and consoles.

Yes, it is assumed that PlayStation VR will not need as much muscle behind to give us joy, but to be seen if that will leave far behind the competition in technical results. And of course, if that happens, no one will be surprised that Sony bet decidedly NEO as the optimal platform for its proposed virtual reality can be as attractive as possible.

Pros and cons of gradual improvements

I said before that, on paper, the idea of improving the current consoles not undermine arises if indeed ensuring full compatibility of any new game to hit the market between now and the end of generation. But we know that in this industry promises sometimes with the wind.

It will be interesting to know how the situation of the current versions of the consoles that supposedly remade remains: will still be offered as cheaper models or will disappear from stores directly. The first option, no doubt, would be the most attractive to users.

Whatever the case, all this is subject to really come to light these updates that at the moment there are no longer rumors. Of course, rumors that sound with a force to deny so much that the next E3 is beginning to acquire and dyes big hype.

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