Just about everyone these days has a smartphone. And if you’re addicted to yours, like the rest of society then you probably have an app for your emails, one for Facebook, another for Twitter, one for playing games and perhaps a travel or leisure app or two. With a recent study from Mobile Statistics stating that we spend a full 23 days out of any given year on our smartphones (more days than most people get for vacation) wouldn’t it be great to manage that time more effectively instead of playing Candy Crush?

While mobile apps are still no substitute for everything; once you’ve hired an experienced firm like www.brightedge.com to enhance your SERP, organic search, and take care of your international and local SEO, you can routinely check the status of projects, request and program social media announcements and chat with team members straight from your phone. Check out these top 3 time management apps that will help you know what’s going on while you’re tied up in meetings.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is gaining in popularity, for the sheer fact that this awesome app is like having a second memory. Anything that you need recorded anywhere will instantly be available across all your chosen devices and, with no space limit, there’s no restrictions on the amount of information you track. You can even upload and store documents and they’re easy to organize and label. So no longer will that vital purchase order information be left on one computer at work; Evernote lets you access it from anywhere.

  1. Asana

Working on both Android and iPhone, this awesome app from top project management experts, Asana, allows you to keep up with the status of projects on the go and keep in touch with your employees through instant messaging. So if you need to know how your advertising campaign is going, or who is working on the design of your or corporate video; this handy app enables you to do it directly from your mobile phone. And all employees can make suggestions for blog topics, such as an SEO blog, like this one: www.brightedge.com/blog, or where they think the company’s SEO can be improved.

  1. Fancy Hands

If you need help quick then Fancy Hands is for you. You can get access to a virtual assistant in an instant who can organize your agenda, make phone calls, proofread your documents, and more. With prices starting at between $3 and $6 per request, the price is right and there are many tasks that they can help out with.

What’s even better about these three apps? They’re all completely free. Start managing your time more effectively so that you can spend quality time with the family when you get home, instead of being glued to your smartphone.

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