If we pay attention to online stores like Amazon, Anker is one of the most successful companies when selling extra batteries for our gadgets. Typically, units that provide meet us around 3.000mAh, but it is becoming easier to buy batteries near the 20.000mAh numbers. If portability is secondary for us, Anker proposes a solution that sweeps all there in the market.

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The idea of extra batteries is that we can take at least an additional burden for our phone, but the monster called Anker PowerHouse is able to fill a phone with an average capacity on 40 occasions. The way to do this is with an internal battery120.600mAh (434 Wh).

Obviously the new pileup of Anker serves to load many things, another practical example we have with a laptop, which could recharge your energies in full on 15 occasions. Anker boasts that you can connect small refrigerators, televisions and lighting systems.

For the more adventurous, it is presented as solar charging option Anker

What are your strengths? For in addition to the above capacity, we have four USB ports on the front, there is a connector 12 volt designed to place items that have been created for charging in your car, and a normal current source (American plug).

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If we want to recharge this battery needs at least ten hours in the outlet to recover their energies – it is presented as solar charging option. Among its benefits is an LCD screen that displays more information than typical LEDs.

Anker PowerHouse is not exactly a lightweight element, weighs 4.5 kilos and is presented with a square shapes, own battery of a car, a phone emergency charger. Fortunately it comes with built -in handle.

The price is not pocket, and that Anker asks $ 500 for the charging system ($ 100 less in a promotion for the start of trading). For now there is not much information about its exit out of the American market, we will be vigilant.

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