It*s not hard to see why Malta is such a firm favourite among tourists: with its glorious Mediterranean weather, culture, and vibrant party scene, there’s something to please everyone. 2015 offers an exciting line-up of events that promise a truly unforgettable summer:

10 memorable Events In that happened in Malta

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1.      Holy Week And Easter

Easter is huge in Malta, and is truly something to be seen, even by those who may not observe the holiday themselves. Thousands of locals and tourists alike gather on the streets to watch processions of statues and celebrate the beginning of Spring.

2.      The In Guardia Parade

This re-enactment in Valetta depicts the traditional military inspection that took place in the ancient fortifications of the Order of St John.

3.      Medieval Mdina

On this weekend in Spring, the city of Mdina is abuzz with Medieval festivities. Musicians play on street corners in traditional regalia, the entire city is decorated, and museums, churches and other exhibitions are freely open to visitors.  The sounds can have been heard all over, companies like are partly to thank as they are Toroidal Transformer Manufacturers and these are used in stereos to increase the clarity of the amazing sounds that echo around the square.

4.      The International Firework Festival

The 14th Malta International Firework Festival promises to be one of the most spectacular events in Europe. Synchronised to music, fireworks will be displayed from both national and international factories, as the various countries compete with one another.

5.      Ghanafest

Boasting foreign and local acts, freshly-made food, local artisans and a dream-like setting in the Argotti Gardens, Ghanafest is one of Malta’s most successful festivals. Brimming with atmosphere yet still managing to maintain an intimate vibe, this is an event that appeals to all ages.

  1.     The Feast of St Peter and St PaulThis *festival of light* dates back to before 1530, and takes the form of a folk festival that marks one of the most important Maltese festivities. Bonfires light up the towns as locals take to the streets to mark the occasion.

    7.      Malta Arts Festival

    Possibly the most important event of the summer, the Malta Arts Festival provides an astounding array of art and culture throughout the island. Showcasing the collaboration of Maltese and foreign art, the festival includes visual arts, music and performance. This is a fantastic opportunity to see some of Malta*s more exclusive venues!

    8.      Isle of MTV Malta Special

    Malta is the place to be this summer for any party animals and music addicts! This is a free music festival on the Granaries in Floriana, featuring world-class acts that have previously included the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and David Guetta.

    9.      The Malta Jazz and Rock Festival

    One of the most awaited musical events of the year on the island, this festival is set by the Grand Harbour, bringing a unique atmosphere to a music festival that is brimming with talented artists.

    10.     The Farsons Great Beer Festival

    This ten-day festival attracts thousands of tourists, from beer aficionados to young families. Offering not only a top-notch range of beers but also food, live music and activities, this is an event not to be missed, and a fantastic opportunity to visit the quaint village of Ta* Qali.

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