No, we are not before to put a ROM and to be able to enjoy jewels of the past, gadgets that do that already there are too many: to play with Retroblox the original titles, in format disk, as in cartridge.

What is intended with this gadget, still in development, is to propose a way to take advantage of all those games that we have and see them on a modern screen, since the video system converts the output to the new standards, being able to take the game up to a few Beautiful 1080p.

This part sounds good, the second has to do with the amount of consoles you want to cover. Okay, it’s also something we’ve seen in some other emulator gadget, picking up and leaving a slot for each format – like Retron 5 – but here it comes up as a modular system.

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As we see in the current design, the only fixed part is the optical disc reader in the lower area that of the cartridges is the one that is changing and goes in the upper area.

Does this type of gadgets go into any problems with the creative brands of consoles? They probably do not like it, but here they are doing nothing wrong with their software, in fact we have to have it original so we can play with it.

Such a device also seems a good idea for those who have games but the console died, and there is no way to fix it, or buy one at an interesting price. In addition, giving us the connection with a current TV is something that will please many. The connection is via HDMI.

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They need original games and controls

The cartridges that are contemplated are of famous consoles of 8 and 16 bits like MegaDrive or Super Nintendo, whereas for the disks, we go to things like Sega CD, TurboDuo, even PlayStation. The drive is from Hitachi and allows you to read DVD and CD.

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They are all systems easy to emulate today with moderate power. As a curiosity comment that there is an SD slot by which you can update the firmware of RetroBlox, and could also include other types of content, but it seems that the developer does not want to throw that way and enmode with the manufacturers of consoles that all you know.

Returning to the cartridges, say that the module that fits each cartridge also offers us the original connection ports of the corresponding console, so we will need the controls of those to enjoy the experience.

The last thing we can tell you about the system is that RetroBlox aims to create an interface where you can see the collection of titles – scanned covers and manuals – with integration to social networks to share things we are doing. For example, it contemplates the retransmission of the game via Twitch or YouTube.

When and how much? As RetroBlox is now something that is cooking, next April we will have new news of the project, which possibly pull the crowdfunding, but for now, nothing is decided. We will follow the steps closely.

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