It’s never been more important than it is right now for a business of any size to have a quality website to promote goods and services they have out in the marketplace. Companies that don’t take advantage of this ever expanding technology, which is indeed here to stay, miss out on a great number of opportunities that competitors utilize on a daily basis. Missing out on potential marketing opportunities by eschewing internet opportunities will certainly cost that business a great amount of exposure, and will subsequently cause a great loss of revenue.

Astute business owners who purchase domain names and get their website up and running with professional, highly respected companies like have a whole array of additional services available to be utilized. Services that can greatly enhance selling online, dramatically increasing customer traffic, and helping to boost revenue to new, higher levels.

One terrific way a business can make such a progressive move is to get an eCommerce website. Having a standard website is perfectly fine for some businesses, particularly if their revenue source is not directly related to online sales. Even those businesses that do rely on this income stream can use a standard website for certain applications. After all, there is no rule saying any business can only have one website.

For businesses that elect to get an eCommerce package, this can bring their online presence to a newer, much higher level. There is not a “one size fits all” eCommerce package. There are a great number of features and services to choose from, which is very accommodating, from small corner store businesses all the way up to corporations with multi-national or international stature.

eCommerce packages come in Starter, Standard, and Premium levels. Differences in these levels include Product Count, Disk Space, Transaction Fee percentages, Email multi-user numbers, and price per month charge for services on the internet.

Every package includes a customizable design, with owners able to select from hundreds of website templates, as well as builder tools for the website. They all also feature an Online Product Catalog, enabling owners to manage product and control levels of inventory. Also included is the availability to implement assistance with smartphone applications with Mobile eCommerce.

Some of the features available include Simple Product Management; Safe & Secure Shopping; Payment & Order Processing; Add-A-Store; Market Your Store; and Discounts, Promotions, & Offers.

To help maximize the business owner’s online store, a number of eCommerce services are available to be integrated. These can include Internet Marketing Services, helping to gain traffic and boost sales through a number of online platforms. Facebook is a very valuable resource, and there is a Facebook Stores option here. Owners can elect to integrate a Call Center Service into their business plan. And if the owner would like some professional assistance in getting a professional looking online store, they can take advantage of the Design Service option.

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