Choosing to pursue a computer science degree is a tough decision. You know there are years of hard work ahead, and you may wonder what career opportunities will be available when you finish. The career outlook in this field is optimistic. It can, therefore, pay to learn more about computer programming, hardware design, and building algorithms. You might end up becoming a website moderator or app builder, but employers can offer a wide range of opportunities once you earn that degree.

Become a Consultant

Rather than work in a specific branch of computer science, you can be a consultant. An IT consultant can advise a client in any field on how to plan, design, install, and use an information technology system. It is a broad role. You’ll be tasked with overcoming problems specific to the client’s needs and their current and planned IT system structure. A consultancy role can involve programming and analysis, or you may take on more of a sales or business development role.

In the field of cyber security, consultants are specializing in information security on many levels. It will be up to you to figure out where breaches occur and how to restore a system that has been hacked. You’ll have the means to reinforce computer systems and protect confidential data. One task is to engage in “ethical hacking” to uncover any weaknesses in the corporate network. Computer forensics analysts are finding many job opportunities in the world of fighting cybercrime.

Database Administration

A computer science degree qualifies you to work with computerized databases. With your education, you will be able to develop and maintain a high-performing system that is secure. This role can vary from one organization to another and may focus on specific types of databases and processes. Regardless, data must remain consistent, accessible, and secure, with a strong focus on maintaining access during emergencies. Your role as a troubleshooter and liaison with other stakeholders will make you invaluable to the company as well.

Programming and Development

You could end up choosing to design and create multimedia computer products after leaving Boston University. In this role, you will work with text, graphics, sound, 2D/3D modeling, and animation. It involves communicating with designers and discussing how a concept can be implanted on a technical level. Also, it’s up to you to provide technical support.

Another side of development involves making games for the Internet, mobile phones, consoles, and personal computers. Even arcade games have been developed by computer science experts. The role requires programming expertise and creativity. On the other hand, your job might not be to build code but to produce technical writing materials to help others understand a product or service. Therefore, a computer science degree can have many applications.

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