RetroBlox wants to be the first modular console of retro games, your original games in 1080p

No, we are not before to put a ROM and to be able to enjoy jewels of the past, gadgets that do that already there are too many: to play with Retroblox the original titles, in format disk, as in cartridge.

What is intended with this gadget, still in development, is to propose a way to take advantage of all those games that we have and see them on a modern screen, since the video system converts the output to the new standards, being able to take the game up to a few Beautiful 1080p.

This part sounds good, the second has to do with the amount of consoles you want to cover. Okay, it’s also something we’ve seen in some other emulator gadget, picking up and leaving a slot for each format – like Retron 5 – but here it comes up as a modular system.