Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, the ultimate immersive experience

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Creativity, dipping, sensitivity, fascination, interaction, technology and imagination are some of the many concepts that could better define which is the virtual world. The revolution, able to break the barriers of information, communication and entertainment, is represented by the projects and virtual reality devices. Perceived simulated 3D environments, through which the user can move in seconds to […]

Philips Hue

DRM bulbs with Philips Hue longer compatible with other brands bulbs

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Philips Hue is one of the most popular systems intelligent lighting. Their bulbs are connected to a bridge station that allows the user to control them with your mobile phone from anywhere. And not just talking about on and off, but also to change color or intensity change. The Hue bulbs are not particularly cheap and there […]

Mi Band 2 Xiaomi

New SmartBand and headphones in sight, new accessories are being Xiaomi

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It is customary by the Chinese brand Xiaomi start presenting its new products, in addition to smartphones and presented also start to have home electronics such as MiTV 3 (presented about a month ago) and now leads their accessories, one of the strengths of the company. This time we will […]

Smart Bracelet

Four sports bracelets you should know before making a decision

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If you’re looking for a sports bracelet, here we will guide you so you can answer your questions about what activity bracelet buy. Sure there is perfect for you! To have different options from which to choose, we will tell you about the top 4 bracelets activity quality…