Mi Band 2 Xiaomi

It is customary by the Chinese brand Xiaomi start presenting its new products, in addition to smartphones and presented also start to have home electronics such as MiTV 3 (presented about a month ago) and now leads their accessories, one of the strengths of the company.

This time we will talk about a new SmartBand and a new hearing. Both come to replace earlier versions, i.e. new developments and SmartBand comes as a replacement for the popular and best-selling Mi Band, and in turn these new headphone come to supply the piston 3 Xiaomi.

Mi Band 2 Xiaomi
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Mi Band H1

Although the announcement was made this SmartBand not officially, with the amount of rumors and statements Xiaomi arrival is imminent. If you add the new SmartBand photograph that has been published on the Internet, we had been closer than away from it in the market.

If we talk about differences with the first version of Mi Band, for the moment we can only say that this version will have a heart rate sensor at the bottom, which sensor delivered to the user’s keystrokes when making any physical activity because SmartBand this is clearly aimed at people who do sport or some physical activity time.

Regarding the possible departure to the market and its price, this new SmartBand come with an estimated retail price of USD $15.

Hybrid Earphones

If the product does not greatly above my attention, it does. I was lucky to have a Piston 2 Xiaomi and its price / quality is amazing, at the time cost $20 but offered headphones high quality construction and sound, much better than others with similar characteristics that drew so least 3 times over the price. Successful Xiaomi headphones also came to the piston 3, although I had not, if I was able to test and are a luxury for the price of candy.

Piston 3 Xiaomi
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Xiaomi now officially presents the Hybrid Earphones, responsible for relieving the piston 3, the trend of always, excellent manufacturing, a careful design and a really low price for what they offer.

Its name is not random, since it refers to new technology that has implemented hybrid call automatically. This is possible thanks to a dynamic driver and two conductors bidirectional type “Balanced Armature“.

Thanks to its new controller, the output sound absolutely nothing expels air and improving external sound insulation and boosting own sound quality offered. Also incorporates an improved management of high frequencies but at low frequencies dominate not comes in dynamic conductor.

This driver, first used in these headphones, use a system that allows us to obtain a fully immersive 3D Surround effect, throwing sound quality as they say themselves unprecedented. It also comes built-in microphone and volume control with its three buttons in the middle of the cable.

As usual, inside the packaging of Hybrid Earphones we find 3 pairs of “bands” of different sizes for a perfect fit in the different types of ears.

Piston 3 Xiaomi is expected to be introduced in conjunction with the launch of the new SmartBand. Its price would be as ridiculous as that of their predecessors something like USD $15, a real treat for these times where the synonym of “quality” is add more dollars to the final price, something that Xiaomi fortunately not fallen.

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