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What is 2016 in the digital marketing? Is it possible to anticipate some trends? Here seven tips Take advantage of them today!

Social networking has been little time with us in a massive way; in fact, we could say that you have only ten years if we take as a reference to Facebook. It is a short time if we think that other media have remained in our strategies for decades; and yet this short-lived, today we have to rethink many activities in our social efforts since the digital landscape is changing at breakneck speed.

Digital Marketing
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Gone are the days when social networks were a novelty and were told marks would be the great transformation and the route that would connect with its customers truly much more intimate way.

No, I will not give the final list, the cutting edge of trends, and the secret key to the success or any other tabloid head. Let me offer a compendium of 7 tips that according to what has been learned over the years and the current situation, they can work, if you work really with them.

Social networks themselves are useless

Forget about social gurus who have thousands of followers and assure them that are enough to achieve objectives. Nothing in the real world or the virtual can be achieved with little effort or becomes only be chatting on Facebook or Twitter. The followers, likes and fans are so cheap that even sell for thousands. Believe we can build a business online; starting with social networks is like trying to build a house starting with the roof.

You need to set business goals

Enter the web without thinking what we get is like climbing the first plane to find at the airport, uncertain destination, travel conditions, time or costs. It is essential to know specifically what you want. Most clients say, sure, but what kind of contact you looking for? You want to call you by phone? Want to download a book? Would you like to purchase goods? Would you like to see your work? Would you like to subscribe to your content to build a base of e-mails? What do you want? Once you know it, you will develop landing pages precise for it and then take the next step.

Spend enough time

Countless customers think to open a website, create content and have social networks is like opening a hot dog cart in which to choose a corner of the city, and buy sausages and bread seems sufficient to start selling every day and win money. It’s not that simple … and yet the hot dog vendor should know many things about its corner and to improve products. The same goes for you. Assemble all the digital part (site content, SEO, networking, e-mail) is just the beginning; you have to invest a lot of time every day to digital tools to see results. If you are not willing to do that or at least hire staff to do so (inhouse or outsourcing), open a web meaningless, because it becomes a cost, not an investment.

Analyze the market

Your website should not matter to everyone and have hundreds of thousands of visits to work. There are sites with traffic and do bestial customers; there are other niche with relatively low turnout and make real money. The big difference is that are optimized for this. They discussed who their market, develop relevant content for it, the distributed through e-mail marketing and achieved good social engagement through conversations. The formula is simple but does not work alone. Everything comes from your market analysis, to define your buyer person and focus all your strategy to make that target group do what you’re looking for.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

There will come a day when you can be king of innovation and inspiration, but until then, analyze your customers and why you buy; not your customers and why do not; who needs but does not know you, and your competition, direct or indirect. All you can learn a lot; analyzes what works, what does not, what can be improved, which can be cut because it produces no results, do you spend time but it is useless, what you should dedicate, what further see opportunities, what your competitors are doing, what tools and channels are using, what you could improve them.

Talk to convert not to amuse

Until this point is reached where the famous social conversation, do it before may be irrelevant. Here yes, choose your social channels according to your objectives and your market. Do not try to cover all the media because it is absurd; concentrate on two or three and make it good, very good, do it transcendent, listen and talk, listen and talk, you see the amount of things you can learn about your business, the sea of relationships you can achieve and the wealth of opportunities that come to emerge. I assure you that many are not able to cover them and you will discern.

By the way, consider a truth, people talk only about what they like and care about; so it is vital that those for which the site was developed and the content was generated, are exactly those that are related to our business, because they serve two hundred million views of public teenager if we sell such luxury accessories for adults. Nobody can be everything to everyone, so you should stop thinking about numbers of followers, RT, fans and likes to measure radio conversion, that is, how many people are fulfilling the objectives that we discussed in section 2. It’s that simple.

Return to be child

Yes, you read well and I’ll rewrite: being a child again. If you go out into the world thinking you know everything, that nothing works except what you think is right and there is nothing out relevant because you failed. You have to look all over again as you looked when you were a kid, with two tons of curiosity and always asking why? You will realize that you can learn a lot from other industries and experiences that not even thought could be linked to yours. This is the most open to innovation door, not brainstorming your office where you are asked to think out of the box but you get a cubicle to do.

And finally, an absolute truth: the process is iterative, that is, once you’ve gone through all the steps, it is certain that you will not find where you started because the circumstances have changed, so you must restart.

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