Smart Bracelet

If you’re looking for a sports bracelet, here we will guide you so you can answer your questions about what activity bracelet buy. Sure there is perfect for you!

To have different options from which to choose, we will tell you about the top 4 bracelets activity quality…

Smart Bracelet
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Xiaomi Mi Band Bracelet

This is probably the star bracelet bracelets all sports in terms of price / quality ratio is concerned.

This bracelet Xiaomi brand has a range of 30 days according to official data of the brand, but from experience, and after a series of tests, we can say that can last up to 50 days.

Its design is compact and simple at the same time. The quality of materials is quite good and is certified IP67, which indicates that it is dustproof and waterproof.

It is also equipped with a system LED and vibration that allows you to send you notifications effectively. With bracelet Xiaomi My Band can keep track of your sport with which you can keep count of your steps, distance, time walking / running etc. After collecting all this information, when we open the application, the Xiaomi Mi Band will be synchronized with the smartphone and displays statistics on all variables analyzed. In addition, this quantifying bracelet allows you to perform a sleep monitoring and intelligent alarm has.

In conclusion, we can say that is one of the best alternatives we have on the web, and an important thing, we can say that is the most sold. And it’s one of the bracelets activities cheapest in the market! No doubt the Xiaomi Mi Band is the queen of wearables.

Smart Touch Leotec Fitness Bracelet

With it you can monitor your daily activity and control your dream. The finishes of the new activity bracelet Leotec let you take both the pool and the sea and swim with it, because it has a special coating which makes it waterproof. That is why it has the IP67 certification.

The new sports bracelet Barcelona signature is priceless. With this bracelet you will see the date, time, set your alarm, measure the distance, see calories burned, see incoming notifications from your smartphone directly on your touchscreen and motion control with OLED technology 0.91 “with resolution 128 × 32 pixels.

This activity bracelet also features a vibration system, which will warn you of any notification regarding incoming messages, or emails that can receive and other notices. It has a battery according to the manufacturer 75mAh that reaches between 5 and 7 days.

As you can see, this bracelet is more complete than the Xiaomi Mi Band as it has touch screen and other functions bracelet Chinese brand does not have. That is why the battery life is less and consuming more resources, and is also why its price is higher, and that can cost almost double.

Unotec SmartBand

Another interesting option would Unotec bracelet. This smart watch is compatible with IOS and Android and is certified IP57 which makes it waterproof and like Leotec bracelet and unlike Xiaomi, you will see all the data on your LED without them in the smartphone. These data will be made steps, calories burned, time, alarm, distance, etc.

This activity bracelet also features a vibration system that will alert you of incoming calls and SMS in your smartphone.

We can say that this bracelet is a very similar option to the bracelet Leotec Fitness but with a lower price, so we consider it a very good choice if you want a cheap bracelet activity.

LG Touch Lifeband

This option is the one with a higher price than the rest, but I will explain why. The new LG activity bracelet features a black and white OLED touch screen with a resolution of 128 x 32 pixels.

LG bracelet offers all the basic features that should offer a sport watch, such as the measurement of steps, distance, calories burned, etc. While it has a small catch: not measure sleep.

An important feature of this bracelet is that it has an application which allows you to synchronize the watch with multiple devices, so if you change your mobile does not lose the information you had stored on your old device. Strength of this weareable is your APP as it offers many possibilities and has a very attractive design.

In short, if you want a stylish bracelet activity of a recognized and proven brand and a striking design this can be a good choice.

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