HP Envy 13

HP Envy 13, dazzling power for a pure notebook

Surprising to arrive at the end of 2017 and find another one of those ultra portables that is just that: neither touch screen, nor 4K resolution, nor convertible to tablet. The HP Envy 13 is a pure notebook, and one that comes with strong specifications and careful design.

Those are two of the great strengths of this laptop, but perhaps the third is the most important: its restrained final price makes us face a team with an enviable price / performance ratio, but with important shadows. The arguments, of course.

Huawei MateBook X

Huawei MateBook X, a very attractive design for a very interesting laptop

Huawei launched its first high-end laptop, the Huawei MateBook X. A team taken care of in every way and with innovative aspects. After their presentation, we were able to spend some time trying and seeing what it offers. Or at least a part, because there are things that we will have to wait for the analysis to comment in detail.

For now you advance that design level is way above classic PC manufacturers. And if performance issues meet as expected we could be facing one of the most attractive teams on the market over the next few months.

Huawei MateBook D

Huawei MateBook D: 15.6 inches for a notebook equipped for multimedia consumption

Today we have met the family of MateBook laptops. We have already talked about the ultrabook MateBook X and the convertible in the style of the Surface range MateBook E, but in this family could not miss a classic laptop of the great, one with 15.6 inches that in this case has received the name By MateBook D.

It is a computer that has a relationship between screen and chassis 83%, almost no borders. Its 15.6-inch display has a viewing angle of up to 178°, and the computer has 7-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors dedicated graphics NVIDIA GeForce 940MX.

Acer Triton 700

Acer Triton 700: AeroBlade 3D Cooling Get a Thin and Competitive Gaming Laptop

The segment of notebooks dedicated to video games takes time especially excited, and the proposals cover all types of gamers. One of the most curious is the one offered by the new Acer Triton 700, which arrives in fact with GPU called GTX 1080 Max-Q and, above all, a cooling system that promises to dispel without problems all the heat generated by this beast of the Graphic power.

This equipment is also remarkable with a design in which we find a disturbing surprise: the touchpad is above the keyboard, not below. That coupled with a really measured thickness and a generous screen will try to turn this product into a benchmark of an increasingly juicy market.

HP Pavilion Wave

HP Pavilion Wave, the living proof that towers can have style and power

HP has introduced in recent years several devices that try to give a twist to traditional desktop computers. With the Pavilion Wave, it is able to draw attention to two fundamental aspects: an interesting design and a sound system created in collaboration with the Danish Bang & Olufsen.

The final product is an atypical mini-PC that can be placed anywhere in the house without being detached, as it could easily be confused with a decorative element when lined with fabric with a gray pattern. It looks more like a speaker than a PC.

Features and design

Apple put on the table with its design of Mac Pro Trash an interesting concept of PC, giving new ideas to manufacturers of what could be done with the desktop equipment. This Pavilion Wave has a top dominated by the HP logo and speaker system, which is also where the equipment expels the air. HP has chosen a triangular prism design in which one side includes the motherboard with the processor, another includes the fan, and the third the hard disk.

In the center of the top part, there is a speaker, with a lid above special design to distribute the sound in omnidirectional way, and is a system developed with Bang & Olufsen. Some similar equipment includes an internal speaker of low power or generally bad, reason why perhaps the greater attractiveness – or more evident – of the Pavilion Wave resides in its quality of sound.


The PC has been falling sales for five years, nor can gamers save it

The collapse of sales of PCs and laptops continues to consolidate: this is shown by Gartner figures, which in its latest report revealed how 269.7 million units were sold, a drop of 6.2% over 2015.

It does not seem to matter much that fairs like CES 2017 have been a real feast for this type of equipment: enthusiasts and gamers who continue to support this platform to the maximum cannot counteract the majority tendency : that of users who do not renew the PC for the Simple reason you do not need to do it.

The gaming segment boosts sales, but not enough

It is the fifth consecutive year that PC sales fall, although in the fourth quarter of the year the decline slightly softened and was 3.7% over the same period of 2015. One of Gartner analysts indicated that Christmas sales were Weak “due to a fundamental change in the sales behavior of PCs.”


The Chromebooks at CES 2017: 360 degree aperture, military grade resistance and stylus

This year we are seeing that gaming is one of the most remarkable trends when it comes to computers, but on the other hand, manufacturers have also opted for another slightly more discreet line that also has its audience. For those faithful to the Google system, these are the Chromebooks that have been presented at CES 2017.

Since that first Google prototype with Chrome OS, the Chrome Notebok CR 48, it has rained a lot and different manufacturers have opted for models with this system in this second and ambitious youth of the Chromebooks. This time Samsung, ASUS and Acer have presented their proposal in Las Vegas.

HP Specter x360

HP Specter x360 15: Finally someone makes a laptop more fat and more battery

The market trend and convertible ultraportable is to make increasingly thinner and lighter equipment, but that a fundamental condition for many users section: capacity and battery life, which is trimmed with those designs.

That is precisely what is solved with the HP Spectre x360 15, a team that has a good proposal hardware but above all stands out as being thicker than its predecessor, which helps to have a battery ablest and other Curious benefits, like a keyboard with more key stroke.