HP Pavilion Wave

HP Pavilion Wave, the living proof that towers can have style and power

HP has introduced in recent years several devices that try to give a twist to traditional desktop computers. With the Pavilion Wave, it is able to draw attention to two fundamental aspects: an interesting design and a sound system created in collaboration with the Danish Bang & Olufsen.

The final product is an atypical mini-PC that can be placed anywhere in the house without being detached, as it could easily be confused with a decorative element when lined with fabric with a gray pattern. It looks more like a speaker than a PC.

Features and design

Apple put on the table with its design of Mac Pro Trash an interesting concept of PC, giving new ideas to manufacturers of what could be done with the desktop equipment. This Pavilion Wave has a top dominated by the HP logo and speaker system, which is also where the equipment expels the air. HP has chosen a triangular prism design in which one side includes the motherboard with the processor, another includes the fan, and the third the hard disk.

In the center of the top part, there is a speaker, with a lid above special design to distribute the sound in omnidirectional way, and is a system developed with Bang & Olufsen. Some similar equipment includes an internal speaker of low power or generally bad, reason why perhaps the greater attractiveness – or more evident – of the Pavilion Wave resides in its quality of sound.