The PC has been falling sales for five years, nor can gamers save it

The collapse of sales of PCs and laptops continues to consolidate: this is shown by Gartner figures, which in its latest report revealed how 269.7 million units were sold, a drop of 6.2% over 2015.

It does not seem to matter much that fairs like CES 2017 have been a real feast for this type of equipment: enthusiasts and gamers who continue to support this platform to the maximum cannot counteract the majority tendency : that of users who do not renew the PC for the Simple reason you do not need to do it.

The gaming segment boosts sales, but not enough

It is the fifth consecutive year that PC sales fall, although in the fourth quarter of the year the decline slightly softened and was 3.7% over the same period of 2015. One of Gartner analysts indicated that Christmas sales were Weak “due to a fundamental change in the sales behavior of PCs.”