web design tips

Having visitors on your website is great. That they come back several times in the future to know what you offer and make purchases is even better. One of the best ways to ensure this is to have interactive elements that help your visitors connect with your company.

Here are 7 web design tips you can make to increase consumer interaction …

web design tips

1. Place a small live chat / help button

Many people may have questions that must be answered about something they have seen on your website. Having a way to connect with customer service representatives is an immediate form of interaction between you and your potential buyer. The confidence of your consumer can be increased by the ability of your company to be available to handle anything that worries them, and they will also be more willing to return to your page.

2. Place a section of “Opinion” or “Leave a comment”

The comments sections allow visitors to interact with you and other consumers. This section can become a place where people find information about a particular topic and allows you to communicate with a multitude of people at the same time. Some web pages use this element to develop online communities to which people return repetitively to be part of the community.

3. Place buttons to connect with Social Networks

Social Networks allow you to stay connected and send messages about who you are and what you do. This element has the ability to strengthen the relationship between your website and your social channels. Placing good stories or images with descriptions helps visitors and creates new sales and interaction opportunities.

4. Prepare presentations

Presentations can be very useful in helping visitors understand your product or service. This works well when it is necessary to promote facts with graphics or showing a project step by step. A web page focused on automotive repair can place a good step-by-step presentation of a repair job. Seeing the step by step of someone performing the repair can make the task much easier than simply reading what should be done.

web design tips

5. Use videos

Not everyone likes to read about a topic, the most common is to go to the video. Having content explaining things for someone, allows visitors to see and hear, and most likely to return to the website for more information of value to them. In any case, make sure that you are not adding too many elements, because if not, this will have a great impact on the loading time of your web page.

6. Use a custom search engine

A custom search engine allows visitors to discover the material on your web page. It is about optimizing the texts so that the page can be positioned and consumers can quickly find what they are looking for, associated with your web page.

7. Use registration forms

Registration forms are very useful for visitors. The biggest benefit is that it is a direct interaction route, and that allows you to provide information about offers and news later.

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