Google says it will stop reading our emails from Gmail for advertising purposes

Yes, it sounds incredible and we are to a certain extent incredulous. Google just released an update for their famous Gmail service, where they guarantee that from today they will stop scanning the content of our emails to show us advertising.

One of Google’s most controversial decisions comes to an end, a decision that has brought serious legal problems to the company since 2011, since in the end no one wants them to spy on their conversations. Although it is worth noting that Google is not the only one that does, there is the case of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and even Microsoft with Outlook, since in the end they are “free” services where we are the product.

Seeking to promote trust

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Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google Cloud, mentions that starting today, the free version of Gmail will stop reading our emails for advertising purposes, aligning with what is currently happening with the payment version of Gmail, the one included in the G Suite.

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According to Greene, G Suite’s corporate customers expressed concern about possible data privacy issues, something that the executive clarifies that has never happened in the premium version of the service. But now, in order to increase trust among corporate customers, Google extends this to the free version of Gmail.

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Eye, this does not mean that the free version of Gmail will stop showing ads, likewise does not mention anything about scanning for other Google services, will only stop using our information for digital advertising purposes, nothing more. According to Google, now the information you need to display ads will get you through web browsing habits and habits.

Undoubtedly this is an interesting decision that seeks to give certainty and security to some of the most used services of the company, which today has more than 1.2 billion users. This also means that Google is looking to boost its participation in the business market through G Suite, a platform that continues to grow and do not want to damage by these types of privacy issues that may well take advantage of otherwise.

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