All over the world, technological advancements are happening daily. Without any doubts, technology has been a pillar of modern societies as it brings us accessibility, convenience and connectivity to every part of the world. However, there are some cities around the world which breathes technology and are ahead of the rest of the world. If you are a tech savvy, here are the cities you should visit for tech adventures.


South Korea’s economic powerhouse is Seoul. This city occupies only 1% of the country, and yet it produces 21% of their national gross domestic product (GDP). The most famous Korean brands like LG and Samsung have their base companies in Seoul. This high-tech city consists of smart CCTV cameras which can instantly detect trespassing. And the street lamps all over the place can broadcast audio while providing Wi-Fi.

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Hong Kong

Known as the financial hub of Asia, Hong Kong provides the fastest internet connection. It is also one of the easiest places to start any type of business. The government allocates over $1.8 billion yearly for innovation for Science and Technology Research and Development. Being quite futuristic, some schools in Hong Kong make the use of fingerprint scanner for attendance.

San Francisco

The Bay Area or San Francisco is the home to giant companies like eBay, Apple and Tesla. This city became a tech hub in the late 90s when many small businesses were launched. Also, the heart of San Francisco is Silicon Valley, which is the global centre of IT. However, many companies still prefer to be in San Francisco as it is a friendlier environment for workers.


Microsoft and Google have their research centres set in Singapore, and it is home to many other massive global companies. The citizens of this country get to enjoy high-speed connection for free. They also make use of very elaborated technologies to charge residents who spend too much time on a toll road.


Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, is one of the most famous technologically advanced cities globally. Companies like Honda, Nissan and Sony have set their enterprises in that city. Being the would-be official host of the 2020 Olympics, Tokyo plans to unleash many high-tech features like meteor shower and driverless taxis in 2020.


The industrial era is no longer the main source of resources in China. Beijing’s economy has flourished and is now purely based on information technology, finance and retail, which makes 77% of the economy. The main location where big companies like Lenovo, Google and Microsoft are set is in Zhongguancun.

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