Amazon patented headphone

Although not always end up materializing into a final product, patents signing large technology companies help us to know in which direction they move and what product lines are working. And it seems that Amazon may be working on a headset with noise canceling smart.

These headphones would have a patented technology that Amazon last July 19. With it, while we evade us to listen to our music without interfering outside noises, headphones would be listening to automatically shut down when they hear certain sound patterns, frequencies or keywords as our name.

Amazon patented headphone
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Listening for us

The diagram shows some of the physical details of the device we see in another patent registered last week. It is shown that the headphones have a built-in microphone to hear around us and may your pender noise cancellation. In addition, a sound system can be configured to recognize commands two words, such as “Hey, Mary.”

Noise cancellation can be very useful to enjoy multimedia content in large cities, but exposes us to not hear the possible dangers that come to us or when someone is trying to talk to us. That’s where they seem to get headphones may be preparing Amazon, which would be listening when we do not do.

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In both patents the name appears Benjamin Scott, who works for Amazon in its development division of the virtual assistant Alexa. Therefore, it seems that listening technology around us in these prospective headphones Amazon would be the same as his assistant used to hear it at all times recognizing our voice commands.

As we said, this is only patent, so it is not one hundred percent sure it will end up materializing into a final product. Although the fact that there are two that go in the same direction suggests that Amazon wants it so. We will have to wait for new news about the project.

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