Writing notes by hand

Why you should consider taking writing notes by hand and not with laptop?

For a long time companies and some scientific studies they have been convincing us of how important the role of technology in classrooms, computers for students, for teachers whiteboards, e-books … We speak that we must introduce which it is the future, but for now the benefits are in question allegedly introduced.

The latest study comes from Princeton University where a group of researchers has shown that taking notes with a computer is doing worse than a man. The results indicate that those who took handwritten notes performed better on subsequent tests. Not only they did better but also were able to retain more information than the first.

HP Ultrabook

HP is about to introduce a laptop that will be the reference in thinness and weight

You may like more or less how I feel about laptops Apple, but it is a reality that served as a stimulus for the entire industry put the batteries and create teams with higher quality and better manufacturing presence. The MacBook already had their ‘followers’, but the MacBook Air ones who have moved business with Intel’s Ultrabook initiative as the main competitor out of the Apple platform.