HP Ultrabook

You may like more or less how I feel about laptops Apple, but it is a reality that served as a stimulus for the entire industry put the batteries and create teams with higher quality and better manufacturing presence. The MacBook already had their ‘followers’, but the MacBook Air ones who have moved business with Intel’s Ultrabook initiative as the main competitor out of the Apple platform.

HP Ultrabook
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With this I am not saying that there are no personality and great alternatives, but if the manufacturers themselves recognize the stimulus is not I who will turn the matter. Reading Wall Street Journal and Verge we find statements by Ron Coughlin in which says your company wants its laptops are in the same conversations about quality you have, where the ‘macbooks’ are used as the reference. For which ande lost, Ron is the head of the PC division, HP.

“For years, Apple has been seen as the innovative player in the market, but now HP is really taking over,” – Ron Coughlin

HP will teach us new laptops tomorrow, at least we hope one with him and want to be placed in the lead design on the market. There is talk of a high – end notebook in which the thinness of the set is unrivaled; also the weight will be especially careful.

If we look at the latest in the American home, we have a laptop for companies called Elitebook Folio, which already dropped to 12.4 millimeters thick – presented in January – weighing less than a kilo, a gadget created especially to lead these two parameters, we can expect very interesting things.

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The images that illustrate this news correspond with the Elitebook Folio, a laptop really thin and light to be focused businesses. Obviously there are no images on the laptop mysterious to be present tomorrow

For those who have more curiosity, the laptop will be taught during the International Luxury Conference. At Versailles, tomorrow does not look they are going to create a product for the masses – normal in HP, at all levels – rather an element innovative that place them in the forefront of design, the level of the latest products from Microsoft or Apple.

Regardless of what they get to do in terms of quality and industrial design will be very interesting to know what settings have taken and that the market grows by the side of the convertible, rather than laptops with conventional design.

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