Today more and more businesses are building responsive websites to boost their traffic and sales. This is because users seem to prefer responsive websites, but what exactly does this term mean and why is it important?

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A responsive website is a site that can be viewed on a range of devices without any issues. This is often confused with mobile-friendly websites; however, most mobile-friendly websites show glitches and errors when viewed on a desktop, as they are only optimised for mobiles.

If you are thinking about making your website more responsive, here are some of the top reasons to design a responsive website.

You will see increased traffic

One of the main reasons businesses build responsive website is because they see an increase in traffic from mobile users. This is very important, as there has been a huge rise in mobile internet users in the last few years. According to the Guardian, smartphones are now the most popular way to browse the internet. This means you could be missing out on a huge chunk of your audience if you do not have a responsive website.

Your users will have a better experience

Another great benefit of responsive websites is that they improve the user experience. Your website will be seamless and easy to use on every device, so your users will not experience glitches or slow loading times. This means they are more likely to stay on your website and keep moving around, which results in more traffic, more engagement and more sales.

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You will spend less on maintenance

Many businesses have two different websites: one optimised for desktop devices and one optimised for mobile devices. This means they must pay website maintenance costs for two websites rather than just one.

If you have a responsive website, you only need to pay maintenance costs for the one website, which is obviously much cheaper than paying for two. If you do your own maintenance, this means you will have more free time to focus on other parts of your website, such as marketing and creating content for your blog.  Maybe contact a Branding Agency at sites such as reallyhelpfulmarketing who will give you expert advice to properly sell your identity correctly.  This would be a good idea so all your new campaign ideas will flow properly.


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