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Engineering careers are in high demand and will continue like this in the future, especially those related to Computer Engineering. Changes in the international labor market, the advancement of new technologies and the need for trained professionals to understand them, will make some areas for computer engineering jobs stand out above others.

What is computer engineering?

Computer Engineering is the branch of Engineering that focuses precisely on the aspects of electronics, software engineering and the creation of solutions in the field of computing, professionals in the area will work to create and manipulate computing devices that process information automatically.

Areas of expertise

The knowledge to practice as a Computer Engineer includes a large number of areas that confer the following computer engineering jobs capacities, which are …

  • Knowledge of information theory and telecommunications, to calculate and design the models and networks of communication of information through safe and legal channels that allow its control and audit according to security and availability needs.
  • Knowledge of automaton theory and design theory of algorithms and formal languages, to design the ideal automation solutions in information processing.
  • Software engineering knowledge to evaluate the best software design, construction and maintenance techniques, subject to calculations of quality, time and cost restrictions.
  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence or knowledge engineering such as pattern recognition or neural networks, to calculate and design knowledge production systems as an industrial competitive advantage in information management.
  • Knowledge of electronics to calculate and design communication and control interfaces between computers and various mechanical and electrical devices, such as data acquisition systems, virtual instrumentation, robot control, lighting systems or others.
  • Knowledge of industrial and business organization, for the planning, management and control of computer projects and the management of ICT departments.
  • Hardware knowledge to analyze and design solutions in the field of microprocessor architecture.

Professional profile

The professional graduated in Computer Engineering is a person with a training that allows him to perform competitively in different scenarios related to information technologies, capable of managing solutions and services aimed at general value to organizations through the implementation of innovation strategies supported in processes and technology. Which act as enablers to improve productivity and competitiveness, which depending on the chosen profile, computer engineering jobs offers multiple opportunities to work as …

  • Web programmer
  • Creator of mobile applications
  • In charge of e-commerce platforms
  • Technology Consultant
  • IT Project Manager
  • Computer systems designer
  • Videogames creator
  • Telecommunications expert
  • IT
  • Responsible for the computer area of a company

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