Logitech M535 and K380

Logitech, after changing philosophy embracing a more modern style and colorful, has two devices that follow this trend, think the world of portable devices. M535and K380 respectively bluetooth mouse and keyboard, aesthetically beautiful, compact, allowing the combination to any device, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth connection.

Keyboard Logitech K380

Evolution of the previous K480 model, the product is sold to the public in a basic box of green color; in the foreground it is highlighted blue device, while on either side explains the main functions of the device. The inner content is very minimalist, we find in addition to the keyboard, a yellow sheet that should explain how to make the first link that warranty. There are also two sets of mini type stylus, already inserted inside the keyboard, with a stated duration of approximately two years. Made entirely of plastic, it offers a discreet sense of sturdiness with a strong usage of the keys that are well-spaced and round shape. At the top there are three light blue keys, denominate the “Easy Switch” which characterize the product Logitech.

Logitech M535 and K380
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The keyboard makes it possible to associate up to three different devices, and thanks to the three buttons, you can easily switch are between them. These buttons have three convenient LEDs that are used to indicate successful connection; there are also functions to return to the home, to switch between applications, and to manage your media player, complete the front row of keys. On the left is the switch to turn the device with its LED that will indicate the status battery; on the underside there is the battery compartment and four feet that keep stable the keyboard on any surface. As we said the keyboard is very compact, the dimensions are 124 mm in height, 279 mm in width and 16 mm in depth; weight, including batteries is 423 g. The keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, with a range of up to 10 meters, and is compatible with most operating systems on the market.

Before you can use the keyboard will be necessary to associate it with the tablet / pc by pressing one of the “Easy Switch” button to connect it without too many complications. In everyday use, typing is good and thanks to the discrete key travel, you can make long sessions, without straining the fingers. The speed and fluency in writing is assured thanks to the layout and compact size; thanks to low weight can be easily transported in any bag without any difficulty.

Mouse Logitech M535

Even the mouse Logitech M535 is available in two color schemes, a bright blue / green water, and a longer version of “soft” in gray and yellow. Compact but not too small, it offers a good experience of use and can be conveniently used by those who is equipped with massive hands. The rounded shape and the rubber grip provide a secure grip, while maintaining the hand in a natural position. Thanks to the optical sensor with laser precision, the mouse is able to be used on any surface, including metal, tile and wood.

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In daily use it proves lightweight and responsive, with right and left buttons that provide the right level of resistance to any single click. Next to the wheel “scroll” tilt is one of the main characteristics of the product, namely the “navigation button.” It is a programmable key by using the “Logitech Options” software, which allows you to set various functions including switching from one application to another, changing the desktop, and file drag-and-images on the screen. The mouse also has a power button, a button to perform “Pairing Bluetooth”, and a small blue LED status. Power is provided by a stylus type battery, with a stated duration of about ten months.

Both the K380 keyboard and mouse M535 fully represent the new Logitech philosophical course, marked on modern style and design, without neglecting the quality that the historic brand has accustomed us over the years. Although the two products are independent, they are an ideal couple, with fully combinable colors and design. Ultimately, we are faced with two peripherals recommended for those who have multiple devices to be associated with a quality / price very competitive.

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