The reputation of the JEE is well-made and well-known as an exam which nearly breaks students down during preparation. The preparation period for the exam typically lasts 1.5- 2 years during which the aspirants have to sustain not only their motivation levels and period of study but also their levels of health and fitness. The JEE consists of two exams – the JEE Main and the JEE Advanced, with the latter being administered for admission to the IIT’s and the ISM, Dhanbad. The workload confronted by students who end up taking both exams is in particular, truly immense and it’s very important to manage one’s stress during the preparation period.

Get any form of physical activity regularly

While study periods are long in during JEE preparation, aspirants should definitely take at least 30-45 minutes off in a day in all to engage in some form of physical activity. This may take the form of a morning walk or a round at the treadmill in the gym or a few games of shuttle badminton down below. Anything will do so long as you are briskly engaged in a physical activity. Additionally, it’s very important to take periodic breaks during studies.

Make some time out for a hobby every now and then

It would be very healthy and refreshing to make some time out for a hobby a couple of time a week. Whether it is gardening, playing a music instrument or painting, left-brain activities such as these make for a great refreshment for the mind and clear it out before starting the next session of study.

Eat regularly and sleep well

Consuming a balanced diet via meals at regular times help keep the body healthy and constantly supplied with energy. Regular physical activity and regular eating would automatically lend one to sleep well which is of critical importance. Its during sleep that the mind rests fully, the carryovers from the previous day disappear and permanent memory gets created with knowledge/information.

Social activity

Some amount of normal social activity should always be maintained and helps to keep stress away as events of the day, problems, solutions and ideas are exchanged.

Occasional group study

While it is true that group studies can lead to loss of focus and concentration, mixing in a round of group studies once in a while is an effective option for preparation for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Group studies can bring in a number of alternate ways to look at  concepts and also result in an exchange of thoughts which can develop deeper knowledge more rapidly and effectively.

Online and physical mix

Preparation regimens that use online material/classes mixed with Scontact classes are can be more effective than physical classes since a lot of the effort travelling long distance to classes can be saved. Clearly, there is a place for both online material and physical study material in preparation, each with its own distinct advantages. While physical study material is very easy to use in terms of solving problems and working out solutions, online material is far more effective in terms of conveying content that is heavy on visuals and complex diagrams. Online material is also easy to use and review for such study content.

‘Study smart’ versus ‘Study hard’

While JEE preparation does demand a lot of ‘Study hard’, ‘Study smart’ also has a place. Studying smart is all about having specific game-plans for specific subjects and topic areas. For example, a game-plan for a person who is strong in Optics would be completely different from one for a person who is not. The game-plan or study plan that is created should be very specific while allocating time for various topics and allowing specific extra time for revision.




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