Over the years, rowing machines have become the latest trends in the fitness cycle. Some may so, they are rightly so. Rowing machines help you by providing a full body workout as opposed to other fitness equipment which specifically target a particular area of your body. Also, rowing machines can help you lose upto 800 calories on a single workout.

The rowing machine is a machine specifically designed to make you feel that you actually rowing in the water. All the rowing machines are pre-fitted with a monitor which helps to track you distance, time, heart rate, calories burned. Most rowing machines are built using a long frame with a padded sit, a flywheel mounted at the front and a handle attached to a rope.

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

The machine is ideal for increasing your cardiovascular fitness. The Rowing exercise is brilliant for your heart and lungs. It is so because the workout requires every major muscle group to be in motion. It, therefore, makes your heart pump more blood to the muscle tissue delivering energy and nutrients to the cells.

When the heart pumps faster and your breathing is harder during the workout, the body adapts itself to make sure the next time you do any similar amount of exertion, it would feel a little easier.

Increases Muscular Strength and Endurance

People are often confused between Muscular strength and endurance. These are two different things. Muscular strength is the amount of weight a particular muscle group can lift in a single effort. On the other hand, Muscular endurance is a measure of how much weight the muscle group can repeatedly lift over a period of time.

You can actually increase the muscular strength and the muscular endurance withrowing. The main reason for it is that you are consistently pushing and pulling against varying resistance during your workout. It enables your muscle group to continuously exert force without feeling any fatigue. As a result, even the muscles tend to grow and develop, becoming stronger and stronger with every workout.

Low Impact

Some people have the misconception that rowing is too heavy on your joints. Contrary to the belief, if done properly, the rowing doesn’t exert any pressure on your knees and joints. This is so because of no impact taking place on your lower body. This workout exercise is therefore an appropriate form of workout for people who might be nursing an injury, or even to those who might slightly feel some uncomforting during weight-bearing exercises which includes walking, jogging, or some other aerobic workout activities.

Can Be Performed Individually or as a Group

As the case with the original water-based rowing, the rowing machine workouts can also be done either individually or within a group setting. Nowadays, even the group rowing machine workouts are replacing group cycling exercise. It has turned out to be a fun option for people who want to enjoy the benefits of a rowing machine workout, but donot want to exercise alone themselves.

It is not entirely necessary to do the exercise in a group. You can also buy your own rowing machine for your home and do the workout at your own pace.

Relatively Low-Cost

The investment you might have to do either to buy a rowing machine or enrolling to a gym to use one is relatively low key if compared to almost all the other cardio equipment. The highest priced commercial rowing machine, the Concept Model D rowing machine is priced for just $850. When compared to the commercial group cycling bike, where you will end up shelling around $1,800, it happens to be a smart choice.


Most of the people won’t be having a lake or river nearby them. But, you can easily find the commercial machine rowers are available across the world at almost all the gyms. Also they are available all year-round. In a nutshell, you don’t need to be a specialist to use one. Just get your technique right and you will easily see the benefits of your workout.

Final Say

The rowing machine workouts tend to help improve your fitness levels, improve cardiovascular fitness and keep you free of health disease. Besides, rowing machine also tends to help you burn 800 calories for a 25-30 min workout which is way more than possible using other equipment in the same time period.

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