Logitech M535 and K380

Logitech M535 and K380, Mouse and Keyboard Cheap Bluetooth

Logitech, after changing philosophy embracing a more modern style and colorful, has two devices that follow this trend, think the world of portable devices. M535and K380 respectively bluetooth mouse and keyboard, aesthetically beautiful, compact, allowing the combination to any device, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth connection.

Keyboard Logitech K380

Evolution of the previous K480 model, the product is sold to the public in a basic box of green color; in the foreground it is highlighted blue device, while on either side explains the main functions of the device. The inner content is very minimalist, we find in addition to the keyboard, a yellow sheet that should explain how to make the first link that warranty. There are also two sets of mini type stylus, already inserted inside the keyboard, with a stated duration of approximately two years. Made entirely of plastic, it offers a discreet sense of sturdiness with a strong usage of the keys that are well-spaced and round shape. At the top there are three light blue keys, denominate the “Easy Switch” which characterize the product Logitech.