Choose a good Ultrabook

Ultrabooks are hot! After a long time when laptops have left offside desktops, and booming of the All-in-One, laptops had to reinvent itself, and that’s how they got the Ultrabooks light, extremely fine, and also high quality.

The usefulness of an Ultrabook is undeniable. Previously, a user could even think that a computer as small and as light could not be as efficient as a desktop computer. In theory, this is true, but only in theory. Manufacturing advances are so notorious that Ultrabooks that occur today are practical enough for most users, which should add the obvious advantages over a fixed computer.

Now, in this time in which both Ultrabooks are sold and many models are on the market, how can we choose the best quality? What criteria should be taken into account to choose the perfect Ultrabook? We give you seven guidelines for buy without a mistake.

Choose a good Ultrabook
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1. Choose a good design

Ultrabooks are usually chosen for its design. They look great, but it is not the outward appearance everything that we care when choosing the design. The materials used, in addition to look good, are also very relevant with the operation of the computer, especially when a few years have passed. A notebook with a full metal chassis more resistant to shock will deteriorate less if we care, and also prevent overheating much more than if we bought a portable plastic. In addition, we have other options using carbon fiber plates or even scratch resistant glass. It all depends on what we seek, but we must keep in mind that the material is not only seen, but also acts.

2. Backlit Keyboard

It is a feature that should not miss on any computer. However, some very famous brand manufactures keyboards for its high-end computers that are not backlit, something totally incomprehensible. If you buy a laptop and want it to be really useful, buy one with a backlit keyboard, for ease of writing it is much higher and can be used even in an environment with low light. By the way, the less space there is between the keys and the keyboard base, the better, as well we get to stay clean longer.

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3. Best memory SSD

The memory that we choose for our laptop is essential. If we look for a laptop with too much memory and cannot opt ​​for any variant, we have two choices: pay a lot for a high capacity memory SSD, or settle for an ordinary hard drive. SSD Memories are solid state; flash memories do not rotate and therefore are safer. If you are moving the laptop from here to there with a hard drive spinning, we should not be surprised if over time it has flaws or even stops working. Furthermore, it is also susceptible to magnetic fields. Not the same to have it at home; I take it from side to side where we could easily bring it to a magnet high load that definitely would kill the hard drive. If we can opt for a full memory SSD, it is best for a laptop. In addition, the load times are much faster computer startup and will have nothing to do with a hard disk, which is much slower.

4. Touchpad

Here it is important not to get carried away by the external design. Remove the touchpad buttons by the manufacturer is a common occurrence, applying a touch of elegance and minimalism. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are thus, for example. The biggest problem is that if the system is not optimized and has not been thought everything perfectly, could be really negative not wearing the buttons. In the case of Apple notebooks, the touchpad is perfect, but not so with the other brands. In addition, we must also consider how this reacts to gestures zoom or scroll. The best thing you can do is try in a store and check the touchpad works the way we want.

5. Looking connectivity

Some manufacturers understand that create an Ultrabook means removing components to reduce the size of the computer, but nothing is further from reality. Create a quality Ultrabook involves using the same components to produce a smaller portable. Therefore, we do not give up connectivity to have a smaller and lighter computer. Never bad check that the Ultrabook have enough USB ports, Ethernet port has, or compatible or even includes a video output. Some models have a special output to which connect adapters. This is a good choice, but makes sure all the possibilities of the Ultrabook before buying, because when we talk about hardware talk about something that cannot be changed.

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6. Choose a screen level

The screen is probably one of the most important components of a computer. At the end of the day, it is the main component with respect to the human / machine relationship, and that is why we have to give priority importance when we go to choose the Ultrabook. The screen size will determine how comfortable it is to carry the laptop, but in turn also allow us to have more workspace. We can find Ultrabooks with screens 11 inches, and even some 15-inch, as is the case one of the Samsung Series 9. On the other hand, choose the correct resolution is also something major. Here there is not much to say, higher resolution, and higher image quality. A resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels is not bad, but we can try to reach 1920 by 1080 easily, talking and a Full HD screen. The last choice is the type of screen. Depending on the chosen panel will have different results? The IPS screens allow more horizontal viewing angle, but also have much more ghosting. A bright screen has a stylish finish, but it’s also something negative if we make graphic editing, or if we use the laptop on the street. Everything depends on what we think give the computer.

7. Battery

At what point we can say that a battery is enough? Never, that is the real answer. The better battery, better user experience we have with the laptop. However, you do have to have something in mind. Some manufacturers are reputed to have batteries that are damaged after a few months, having to buy back another time to time. On the other hand, there are laptops which we can buy higher capacity batteries. And in any case, autonomy depends on the specifications of the portable, not only the capacity of the same. We can only do two things, look for analysis of magazines on that laptop, or seek opinions on the Internet for users who have purchased before the computer and they can talk about autonomy computer.

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