ASUS Zenbook UX303

ASUS Zenbook UX303, balanced made ultrabook

ASUS, one of the first brands who opted for the term ultrabook and applied its features to its lightweight portable models, continues its idea of providing a lightweight portable design a very characteristic while balancing in.

The recent ASUS Zenbook UX303 with its 13 – inch screen has already gone through the table of tests. We have submitted a few weeks of testing as the main computer to check your strengths and the weak, and to tell thee in our analysis of the ASUS Zenbook UX303.

ASUS Zenbook UX303, main features

The two major segments of laptops that more traction is in the market for their manufacturers are destined to play, and the last ultrabooks designs and almost impossible physical dimensions. But there are still brands that go all out for equipment that could be defined as classic ultrabooks. ASUS is one of them.

Choose a good Ultrabook

How to choose a good Ultrabook?

Ultrabooks are hot! After a long time when laptops have left offside desktops, and booming of the All-in-One, laptops had to reinvent itself, and that’s how they got the Ultrabooks light, extremely fine, and also high quality.

The usefulness of an Ultrabook is undeniable. Previously, a user could even think that a computer as small and as light could not be as efficient as a desktop computer. In theory, this is true, but only in theory. Manufacturing advances are so notorious that Ultrabooks that occur today are practical enough for most users, which should add the obvious advantages over a fixed computer.

Now, in this time in which both Ultrabooks are sold and many models are on the market, how can we choose the best quality? What criteria should be taken into account to choose the perfect Ultrabook? We give you seven guidelines for buy without a mistake.