That apparent plan that our home is increasingly automated and more convenient to manage continues to go aft with devices that we are seeing, like Google Home we saw a few months ago or the Echo Amazon. Today is Logitech which launches a product to control devices, but not by voice but by touch, the POP Home.

This is a button that is integrated with smart home devices such as light bulbs or Logitech Harmony line itself, as long as we want to activate as the touches that give number or duration. That is, a home automation center to avoid having to activate each separately and that any member of the household can manage it.

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One touch and several activations

We may remember a little how the work Dash Button Amazon, although in this case the action is indoors. It works with an app (available for iOS and Android) that allows all configurations, for example with smart bulbs (in color, temperature, etc.), being compatible with Lifx, Lutron, Insteon and Phillips among others.

We give them orders as mentioned by the touches and playing keep pressing more or less, so that allows you to configure many actions. If we compatible devices of various types, such as lights, television and audio system, also can be configured joint actions , that is, the lights are lit in a certain way while certain music list, for example.

The buttons are wireless not require installation (cables, drilling, etc.) but should be connected with a switch (included in the pack), running on batteries. Weighing 255 grams and measuring 12.6 centimeters wide and 6.3 high and thick.

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A different concept to what we saw with the LG SmartThinQ, that what they do is provide the “intelligence” to devices that are not smart to make an automatic handling. In this case the idea is to simplify the management of intelligent devices at home without being dependent smartphone one household member.

So far we know that will be available in one week in the US for a price of $99 for the starter pack (a button and switch), with the possibility of extending units (39 dollars each), without further data when it is for all other markets. There are four colors to choose from (blue, orange, white and gray).

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