HP Backpack

HP is seriously working its offering of portable, not only in features, also in design. Nor did he lags behind the latest mobile phone that has developed with Windows 10, regardless of their actual success in the market, is a real, full of good ideas technological marvel. What if they also offer us a place to take them and load them?

Well that’s the Powerup Backpack, a backpack designed HP and which can be seen for the first time on Amazon – US – where is priced at $ 199. It is not affordable, but there are many interesting things in it: the main thing is that we can load the gadgets through a battery of 22,400 mAh.

HP Backpack
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There will be no problem for rellanar charge a laptop, or to do the same three times with a generously sized tablet, or even ten times fill the life of a mobile phone. You may know what is best offering video:

The laptop that can fit in the backpack is up to 17.3 inches. If we took while carrying a tablet and a phone, we can set the priority load there are 2 USB and 19V output, the cables are included. Top it has a temperature sensor that adjusts the operation depending on the circumstances.

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Among its features backpack we can see that there are pads and compartments designed for different gadgets and accessories, well ventilated areas and holes to run cables between compartments. We are able to cover the backpack complete with a protective case for rain.

It will go on sale next October 1 for $ 199, and the appearance on Amazon is for those interested in making a reservation.

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