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Acquiring the e-mails of new potential customers is of fundamental importance for expanding your online business. To achieve this, lead magnets are effective marketing tools to grow your database.

What exactly is a lead magnet? “Lead magnet” means textual content with a high information value offered to users in exchange for their e-mail address. Once the acquired users are entered into the marketing funnel, they are managed, fed and finally transformed into new customers.

The advantage of lead magnets is to offer visitors to a site immediate value and at the same time to place the company as an expert in its field. Below we list seven types of lead magnets that can be used.

1. Free consultation

Free consultancy is among the most used marketing tools. For example, those involved in business organization can give a first assessment of the customer’s needs for free; a SEO expert can provide a first analysis of the website and show some of the strategies to be implemented.

The free consultations ensure that potential customers can request information and test the service offered.

2. Checklist, infographics or guide

Checklists are simple lists that customers can follow independently. For example, an employment lawyer can offer an infographics or a guide that describes in detail the actions a worker must follow. At the same time, a real estate agency can offer a guide that describes the process to follow to buy a new home safely.

Providing potential customers with some information they need allows you to create trust and at the same time to acquire, a targeted lead that in the future can be transformed into a customer.

Checklists and infographics are very useful for updating content, or as additions to existing posts. The initial text may offer some initial information that will create the need to enter your data to download the rest of the checklist.

3. Surveys, quizzes and assessments

Site users are offered a free 5-minute consultation regarding specific problems and the results are sent in exchange for their email address. For example, a medical clinic may take a sleep habits quiz to find out if a potential client might be interested in professional help to improve sleep quality. This marketing tool is very useful because users get results immediately. In turn, the company will collect more in-depth information on the needs of its prospects.

4. Report and guides

The reports give the reader detailed and databased content on a specific topic. For example, a veterinary clinic can download a report on disease trends for pets to its customers. A pet store can make research available on the benefits of pets for older people and explain how to choose the most appropriate pet to give as gifts.

5. Case studies and white papers

Case studies and white papers are the best ways to establish your authority over time. They give a detailed understanding of a particular topic by presenting real cases that demonstrate how a company has helped its customers achieve a certain goal. For example, a debt collection study could show how he got his client to recover the credit.

6. Mini courses

A mini-course, which can be delivered through a video or a series of emails, provides the potential customer with a solution on a specific topic. The course will provide the user with enough information to learn the topic, but it will not be exhaustive so that expert assistance will still be assured.

The mini courses provide the reader with the basic knowledge to learn without having to, in a first phase, immediately seek paid help.

7. eBooks

eBooks are one of the main downloadable formats. They establish the authoritativeness of the author in his field by adding a high value to the reader. For example, a law firm may offer an eBook to families who are filing for a divorce by giving them information on how to communicate it to children or how to define child support and custody.

The advantage of the eBook is in providing some information that helps solve a problem. Users looking for initial information on a certain topic will find a large amount of useful material that will strengthen the trust towards the author and at the same time increase its credibility.

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