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How to Get More Traffic with an Online Banner

If you’ve created a website, chances are you’d like one of the 2 billion Internet users to see it.

How are you supposed to get people to visit your site? If you’re starting off, chances are that it will cost you something to set it up. Generating traffic can seem impossible at first.

One way to improve your website traffic is an online banner!

Online Banners and You

An online banner is a simple yet effective tool to draw attention to your website. Online banners are a form of online advertisements that catch the eye. These banners can help generate more and more users to your website!

Be it a blog, a company landing page, social media profile, an online banner can be key to gaining more web traffic.

Visual marketing is an important tool used to generate traffic. In fact, 37% of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business.

How We Can Help

With our free online banner maker, Adobe Spark can help you gain more traffic for any website you like! It’s simple and you don’t have to be a design genius to make one.

Even if you’re on the go, the Spark Post mobile app (iOS) provides quick and easy online banner creation. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll have the ability to create and design how you’d like right from your mobile phone.

You will need a bit of imagination to make your banner stand out. Fortunately, we provide you with an inspiration gallery to help get those creative juices flowing!


Here are some quick features to look over. Adobe Spark’s free online banner maker has a few big features:

  1. Typography – Choose from a ton of different fonts! We know that typography can say a lot just by how it looks. Pick from our professionally designed fonts for any occasion!
  2. Images – You’re going to need some pictures to go with your fonts! Choose from thousands of pictures from the web. You’re also able to import your photos from Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Dropbox, Adobe Lightroom, and more!
  3. Themes – We put the design customization in your hands! For layouts, colors, and fonts, you’ll be well taken care of with our free online banner maker.
  4. Templates – If you’re unsure about where to begin, we offer templates that you’re able to customize to your liking. Tweak just about anything to suit your online banner needs!
  5. Sizing – Most platforms have requirements on the size of your banner. Spark helps you edit and size your online banner to fit requirements.

Professionalism does not have to start on a website. Adobe Spark is here to help you create a professional quality online banner, for free. We want to help you impress your target audience. With a bad-looking banner, it may actually harm your online persona.

Adobe Spark allows you to design for your brand for any goal.

For free online banner making, Adobe Spark is here to help you imagine and create!


Bixby, Samsung’s own assistant, is official: Context, broad spectrum of tasks and cognitive tolerance

Although the S8 and S8+ have been holding headlines for months, rumors about Samsung’s upcoming releases also referred to its own assistant. Going beyond that with S-Voice, and according to them the rest of voice assistants, Samsung finally confirms Bixby and presents it officially.

The announcement is in the hands of InJong Rhee, Samsung’s executive vice president of services and software, in an announcement regarding Unpacked 2017 referred to Bixby, the name we already knew and that will be released with the new S8. Samsung says that it is the machines that have to learn and adapt to the human being and not this one about them, and the purpose of Bixby (confirmed name) is that the interaction is simpler and natural thanks to the company’s advances in intelligence and Artificial learning.

Google project loon

Google has found a way to make our globes with the internet more efficient

Project Loon is one of the most ambitious and interesting projects in Alphabet, which is part of ‘X’, the company’s experimental division. Broadly speaking, Loon seeks to deploy balloons equipped with technology capable of providing internet connection in remote areas where there is no infrastructure needed to have this service.

The project is about to turn four years and in that time we have seen progress and challenges that have complicated its official deployment, even came to think that Loon would be canceled due to the restructuring of the company. But today the project managers have given new signs of life presenting novelties, which tells us that this continues.

ASUS ZenFone 3

ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom has two cameras, 2.3X zoom and 5000 mAh battery

When we tested the previous ASUS Zenfone Zoom, with its 3 optical enhancements, the idea we liked except for the design, battery and image quality. All this wants to solve ASUS with its new version, called Zenfone 3 Zoom where the zoom is reduced but adds a second camera and a battery extra quite impressive.

Two cameras: one for zoom and one for better photos

Under a more stylized appearance, the ASUS ZenFone 3 redoubles its photographic bet not only with an optical zoom but with a camera with better technology and double.

Clones Cards

How Technology Clones Cards at ATMs

About paying our purchases in physical stores there are two issues or open debates: the possible elimination or limitation of the use of cash and the introduction of new payment methods, such as the mobile payments. But while both are closed and are not likely to short, we will continue to expose a problem when we go to an ATM : the possibility that our card cloned.

Today we will focus on the technological side of clone card. How does that technology that keeps all the data of our card to leave us without balance in our accounts or with important debts in a matter of seconds? Let’s get to know how it works and what precautions we can take to avoid falling into the trap.


The iPhone will be made exclusively by robots: Foxconn unveils the plans of automation of its plants

Foxconn is a true monster as far as production plants are concerned, its large capacity allows it to work in assembling multiple devices simultaneously, thus giving results in record time. The clearest example is Apple, who made it 500000 iPhone a day.

For several years, Foxconn has been embroiled in controversies of exploitation, recruitment of minors, as well as suicides due to stress they are subjected its workers, which has also led to a number of demands. But this could change in the coming years, because Foxconn does not want human beings in their plants, but only robots.


17 expectations of how machine learning is going to change the world

It is increasingly common to read or hear about machine learning or machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that basically make machines “learn” alone.

Advances in this discipline have been coupled with the use of huge amounts of data to train these engines and achieve surprising results in many cases. Are there limitations to what automatic learning can achieve? Of course, but all these examples show that there are areas in which this discipline could change our world forever.

The fight against suicide

A team from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is working on a system that after interviewing a number of people trying to figure out if they were people with some risk of suicide.

The analysis not only took into account the answers, but also other sections such as the intonation or the harmony of the answers, something that according to the experts could contribute much information to the system. According to the study, people were identified with suicide risk with 93% accuracy.

How to Speak English (Non-native)

The speakers of the same language tend to be without problems, but there are situations in which those who have learned to natively and those who have done as a secondary language have problems communicating.

Precisely in this area, it is where the MIT created a large base of data in non-native English phrases. The goal was to improve the processing of language machines. Technology language processing (NLP) can work something curious: a machine does not know how to process the particularities of non-native English.

Infallible medical diagnoses (or not)

One area in which it was expected that these systems achieve significantly impact is medicine, and specifically the medical diagnosis in which machine learning theory seemed very capable of giving valid responses.

The self-diagnostic tests conducted by Harvard University showed that automatic systems work with objective data (radiographs, CT scans, clinical analysis) but not with symptoms offered directly by patients.

The problem is that doctors are able to detect and extract those symptoms from patients information (“everyone lies,” said Dr. House) to effectively diagnose what happens to them. A machine will still have time to solve this problem, it seems.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs explained the mistakes of Apple before his return: Tim Cook should be attentive

The last few months have been particularly unusual for Apple, a company that has even received criticism from his most fervent supporters after the launch of the MacBook Pro. There are many strange decisions that Apple is taking in recent times, and the negative narrative about their Macs does not help.

The analysis of the situation are many and varied, but what is certain is that emerging multitude of analogies between the current situation and the one that led Apple to lose direction more than two decades ago. Steve Jobs eventually returned to Apple, and in his lecture at CAUSE 98 he made some curious statements about how the company had gone wrong before his return. Perhaps Tim Cook should take a look at that talk.

Science fiction

Science fiction is wrong: There is no chance that we will be able to communicate with the aliens

If the romantic comedies have as cliché the “boy meets girl” and its multiple variants, a good part of science fiction has as a base idea the “boy meets the alien”. Avatar or the recent The Arrival speak, one way or another, that, from first contact, to communicate with beings from outer space …

A few weeks ago we inquired about whether we were prepared to encounter alien civilizations, but we tiptoed on a thorny issue: if we meet with them, could we communicate? A couple of professors at the University of California, Irvine tell us that, unfortunately for the writers of science fiction, is complicated.


If you are worried that they are spying on you, do not forget to disconnect the headphones

You may increasingly have more privacy awareness in the use of our devices, and hence the custom of many users cover the webcam. But perhaps less attention to capture audio, and now the team of researchers from Mordechai Guri has again demonstrated it lends the “simple” that is remotely spy, this time using headphones as a microphone to record audio.

We say that it has done so since this researcher, head of the Cybersecurity Laboratory at Ben Gurion University in Israel, and his team have spent some time trying to find out what possible ways exist to access the information of another user without resorting to Complex procedures. In fact, this time turning to Realtek chip found on many computers and a fairly simple malware.