Intel Sunny Cove

Intel gets the batteries for 2019: Sunny Cove is its new architecture in 10 nm and its integrated GPUs will be more powerful than ever

The end of the year is a good opportunity to talk about everything that one projects for the next, and Intel have wanted to forget some of his recent missteps and dedicate a very special day to talk about his immediate future, which will be loaded with news Relevant

The first one is its new Sunny Cove architecture, which will arrive in 2019 and which will finally make the leap to the 10 nm process that we have literally been waiting for years. The second, the improvements that will offer their future integrated GPUs, with a generation of graphics processors that will leave (very) behind the current Intel HD Graphics.

Sony Xperia 1

Sony Xperia 1 is the world’s first device with 21:9 OLED display and 3 cameras

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Sony presented the two new additions to its mid-range called Xperia 10, Xperia 10 Plus and Xperia L3 but above all removed the veils to the new top range called Xperia 1.

The device is different from other high-end devices especially for the aspect ratio of the display of 21:9 called Cinema Wide. For some years now, Sony’s change in direction had been glimpsed since the Xperia Xz2 and Xz3 and now with Xperia 1 this route is well defined.

blockchain projects

11 promising blockchain projects with the support of influential companies

Slowly but surely, the blockchain technology is becoming an integral part of our economy. More and more of the world’s leading companies use it in their activities. Today, there are many blockchain platforms with the help of which companies from various sectors can interact with each other and create their own applications and projects, significantly speeding up the operations and reducing costs. Below are a few promising blockchain projects, enlisted by the support of recognized global companies.

low-level protocols

How low-level protocols are changing the Internet

As you read this, packets and data packages come and go from the laptop, mobile or PC you are using to do so. The magic of your internet connection is based on various protocols such as TCP, IP, UDP, SSL / TLS, DNS, or HTTP / HTTPS.

All those acronyms define the way in which we communicate through the Internet, but the evolution of the network of networks has made these protocols change. They have done it and above all they will continue doing it to guarantee two things: speed and safety.


Chaos grows on YouTube: Pedophile searches frighten advertisers

If a few days ago YouTube Kids was the service that raised the controversy, now is the original website, YouTube, which is the focus of all criticism. The reason, its integrated search engine, which when completing the search term posed a particularly delicate one.

In that search engine in English when entering the terms “How to have” one of the suggestions offered by the search engine was “How to have s*x with kids”. The algorithms that control the functioning of YouTube continue to show their dark side, and advertisers begin to abandon a platform they do not want to see related to their brands.

Online betting on Smartphones and Tablets

Online betting on Smartphones and Tablets: The Best Apps!

There are more and more bookmakers who offer their customers the app to be installed on their smartphone or tablet, and among the most prominent names in the industry, we see WilliamHill, Betfair, Eurobet and Bet365. Let’s see in detail the best Apps to bet online…


We could not miss a special mobile app to the new bookmaker of the Sky group, and here in fact get Skybet App.

The application is currently available in its 1.2 version only for iOS devices, then iPhone, iPad, iPhone Touch, while for now those who use smartphones (or tablets) Windows and Android must be content with the mobile version of the site.

What’s new in this 1.2 update? First of all, the app is faster in loading the various sections, the touch-ID system has also been improved and the markets for football and basketball have increased.

The Skybet app is excellent as confirmed by the numerous reviews on iTunes, all with an average of 4 stars out of 5.


Betfair allows you to use your sportbook even from mobile phones or tablets iOS and Android, so you can manage your bets anywhere and at any time.

As we all know, Betfair’s palimpsest is one of the most complete, so in these times, it is essential to be able to manage it “in a palm of your hand”, as well as desktop.


William Hill has designed a software designed for those who have an iOS operating system and those who use an Android, with which you can play easily and quickly even while you are away from home. You can check out William Hill’s mobile betting app here.

The app is intuitive and, among other things, allows you to constantly keep track of your gaming account.

The range of bets is really complete and in addition the bookmaker has thought, to entice more and more users to try the app, to make available the interesting and exclusive offers.


Bet365 is already at the top with regard to the rich schedule, live experience, live TV and no less for its application Bet365 mobile app.

The offer of the English bookmaker for mobile really covers all devices, from Android to iOS, through Windows Phone and Blackberry.

You can follow every bet in real time, and on the match enabled, even live streaming of the game, all with a graphical interface that takes the same version of the desktop version.


Eurobet has developed an app that allows first of all to keep under control the live results of the reference games, obviously giving way to bet through this advantageous broker.

The most interesting sections are those ” Best Seller “, ” Last Minute ” and ” Live “, with which you can see respectively the bets most chosen by Eurobet users , those related to the matches that are about to start and those related to competitions in progress swing.

For even more convenient and efficient use of the app, the convenient search function is all you need. Also in this case intuitiveness and simplicity are the main strengths of the software.

unlock the mobile

Why it has taken almost a year the Civil Guard in getting to unlock the mobile of Diana Quer?

Diana Quer disappeared from A Coruña, Spain, in August 2016 and the only clue that has been obtained to try to locate it is her mobile phone, an iPhone 6 that a shellfish found in an estuary near the pier of Taragoña, in Rianxo. An iPhone 6 that had spent two months under water and was visibly deteriorated by, among other things, exposure to water from the estuary itself.

As soon as the mobile phone was found, the Civil Guard, specifically the Criminal Service, SECRIM, began the investigation to try to obtain as much information as possible from the phone. Until now, only the WhatsApp conversation history of Diana (thanks to a duplicate of the SIM and only acceding to the messages not received until the moment) but at last has been able to unlock the telephone, almost a year later. How did it take so long to get it?

BeoSound Shape

BeoSound Shape: A single wall-mounted speaker can have a color mosaic of up to 44 tiles!

Nowadays differentiating is not easy and in many cases it is the design that marks that distinction with the previous being the visual component, even if it is the choice of loudspeakers. It is something that has always characterized Bang & Olufsen products, but this time with the BeoSound Shape the final design depends on the user and their tastes.

The brand this time dares with a modular proposal and almost entirely wireless in the purest style of bees or tile floor. A network of speakers for wall that has several possibilities of installation and that adds some “smart” when executing the audio, without neglecting the quality of this one with an algorithm unique to the product.

What Can You Do With a Degree in Computer Science

How to Become a More Professional Digital Marketer

Do you want to turn your digital marketing business into a more professional organization? A large number of people enter the digital marketing sector, but eventually, they fail or their company does not reach its full potential. Below are some of the ways you can avoid this fate and become a more professional digital marketer.

Preparation and Organization

Unfortunately, many digital marketers don’t spend enough time preparing for the future. Spending some time finding out more about your market, customers, and the services they require will put your business in a much healthier position.

Things can go wrong when you work for yourself, so it’s also vital to be as organized as possible and ensure that you are prepared for any mishaps or problems that can occur. For example, if you live in the Dallas area and you have a technical problem such as losing important data on your laptop or PC, it’s crucial to know someone who can help with data recovery in Dallas so that you can get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Partner with Other Online Professionals

Working as a digital marketer can be a lonely experience, so you should consider partnering or working with other online professionals from time-to-time. You may have certain skills they require and vice-versa, so making an arrangement with these other online experts can be a win-win situation for everyone. For instance, if you are a social media marketing expert and you partner with a professional web designer, working together will allow both of you to offer a wider range of services to more clients.

Use the Proper Tools

Like any service provider, you need to invest in the proper tools so that you can provide a higher quality service. A wide range of research tools, automation tools, and analysis tools are available that will let you work faster and provide much better online results for your clients. However, with so many businesses and individuals developing and selling these tools, make sure you carry out the proper research before you buy any of these online marketing tools.

Improve Your Communication Skills

A digital marketer has to be technically skilled. However, most of the clients you deal with will have little or no online marketing knowledge and won’t understand what exactly you will be doing for them.

To put your customer’s minds at ease, it’s vital to speak their language and develop your communication and interpersonal skills. You should explain to them what the results of your work will achieve and you should also keep them updated and regularly report on the progress you are making and what you intend to do next. This will build trust between you and your clients and enhance your reputation.

Deciding to become a digital marketing expert has the potential to lead to a lucrative and successful career and you could end up owning a successful and valuable business. However, you need to prepare properly and ensure that you follow the tips above, so that you give yourself a better chance to succeed.