Use of drones and cameras within drones has been a revolutionary way of filming things.  television documentaries, action movies and even music videos have all been heavily influenced and changed by the introduction of this camera based technology.  Drones are small helicopter powered robots that are able to access areas that were previously thought of as being impossible to see. Drone Filming London based experts skypower are past masters of the technology and skill required to use them effectively.

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A drone is known as a remotely operated aerial vehicle.  It can take pictures and record data in a variety of locations and from different angles and heights.  The flight controller is the heart of the drone. This is a small computer that controls the flight and functions of the drone.  It is able to move and detect objects through a variety of sensors such as GPS and gyroscopes.  This tells the drone its height, its speed and the direction it is going in.

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The flight controller is able to change the movement of the Drones Motors and propellers if it needs to make any adjustments.  With 4 separate rotors,  the drone is able to bother and shift position at a moment’s notice.  This is mainly in the hands of a remote operator some distance away.  They are able to use a live feed of the Drones position so they know exactly where it is and where it needs to be.  In this way the drone is able to detect blockages and objects that might hinder its path and the mission it is on.

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