Professional companies such as hydepark-environmental are providing bespoke and essential Chemical Spill Kits to businesses all over the country.  These practical and potentially life-saving kits come in all sizes to cater for smaller companies as well as large conglomerate businesses. Each elite kit contains, granules, absorbent pads, cushions, rolls, socks, wipes, protective gloves and overshoes plus a broom and disposable environmentally friendly bags for safe and effective disposal of all contaminates. The best companies working in this field have over 3,500 product lines that can be supplied to any business that needs them. Offering this type of emergency service it is extremely important that they are legislation compliant and always have the customers best interests at heart.

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Make sure your company is prepared for any Chemical spillage or accident by investing in a complete spill kit, make sure all your staff are thoroughly trained on how to use it and keep it in an easy to reach location. Clean up any hazardous spillage quickly, efficiently and safely, making sure a full risk assessment has been drawn up and records kept of all training procedures and inductions.

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You should always have a designated Health and Safety Representative in your workplace, and they will ultimately be responsible for making sure your Spill Kit is full of all the appropriate products, in a clearly defined location and all staff are compliant with how to use it safely and effectively.

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