Kitchens are places where families gather together to make delicious food. It is a place where it is important to have good lighting so you can prepare your food in a safe and efficient way. Here are some of the lighting choices that you have available to choose from.

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Downlights – these are lights that are placed in ceiling spaces and are surrounded by Downlight Covers like the ones from They can be placed in a number of areas in the ceiling which allow them to cast light across the entire kitchen space. This allows you to have them placed in areas where you need most light such as over the hob, oven and sink spaces.

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Spotlights – these are lights that are placed on a strip and they can be manoeuvred into different directions. This means you can direct the light in whatever direction you need. You can find these spotlights in a number of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Strip lights – these were very common in the past and they can still be used in kitchens nowadays, although they are not as stylish as other options that have been mentioned. Strip lights will be placed down the centre of the room and they can take a longer period of time to warm up than downlights or spotlights.

Whatever light option you choose, make sure that you have them fitted by a qualified electrician.

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