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The Internet has done a lot more than just give us cat videos and horrible comments sections. It has improved our lives in immeasurable ways, giving us access to friends far and wide, providing information in an instant, and offering unlimited entertainment possibilities.

In the last 10 years or so, the Internet has significantly improved the way that we watch television shows and movies. Here are just a few ways:

We Can Watch More Channels

Online services have significantly improved the number of channels that are available for us to watch. The few hundred channels that cable services offer now seem like chump change. You can find literally thousands of different channels through all the services that are available online.

Some of these services are available both on your home television set and through your Internet connection. However, some of them are available online only. You may want to sign up for an online service that complements your home service, or you may want to find a service that offers the channels in both outlets. You’ll need to weigh the features and the cost when coming up with a solution that is right for your family.

We Can Watch Shows and Moves on Mobile Devices

There’s an app for just about everything now, including the online services that offer shows and movies. That means you can watch the best On Demand programming at any time you like on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device by pulling up an app or website.

This ability to watch shows at any time comes in handy when you are waiting a long time at the doctor’s office, need to unwind on your lunch break, or want to watch something when your television is on the fritz. It’s also a great benefit if you have children. You can set up a tablet for shows or movies while you are on a long car drive, or you can let your children watch shows on your phone while you are grocery shopping or tending to other errands.

Screen Sizes and Quality are Vastly Improved

Thanks to the increased variety of viewing options that the Internet has given us, mobile devices have been improved. Phones, tablets and more have larger screen sizes for easier viewing, and the quality of the picture is much better. We expect the picture quality on mobile devices to rival that of some television sets before too long — albeit on a smaller scale.

A variety of other accessories have also been introduced to improve the viewing experience, such as wireless speakers that improve the sound or mobile projection devices that connect to your phone and make a much larger picture on the wall. You could realistically get rid of your television set and rely exclusively on your mobile devices and their accessories to watch anything you like — all thanks to your Internet connection.

Get Instant Access to Information

Have you ever been in the middle of watching a movie and thought, “Where have I seen that actor before?” It might bug you and distract you from paying attention to the movie until you find out. With the Internet, you can instantly look up that person and find out every other movie and show they have been in so you can sate your curiosity and get back to your movie.

If you are having a hard time understanding what is going on in a show or movie, you can look up information about the plot summary, character analysis and more. You can read reviews or find out about other people’s reactions or ideas about the story. You can also find more information about new episodes of a show or plans for a sequel to the movie.

This instant access to information makes your viewing experience a better one by getting you more involved in the story and the creation process.

Learn about New Shows and Movies

The Internet also helps you to learn about shows and movies you might never have heard of otherwise. Whether you are looking at websites or message boards about movies, browsing trailers on YouTube, or just reading industry news, you can learn about obscure movies, such as small, independent films or limited release foreign films. You can learn about shows that were only on for one season but that had a cult following.

By learning about these movies and shows, you might discover a new favorite. Even if these programs didn’t get widespread release or acclaim, they might prove to be wonderful and important for you.

Though many have decried the way technology and the Internet seem to make us more distant by limiting personal interaction, they actually bring us closer together in a number of ways. In particular, the Internet improves our viewing experience, allowing us to share more with friends and family or to connect in new ways.


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