Panasonic TVs

Today Panasonic has unveiled its new range 2016 of TVs, which integrate technology and design to position itself as a strong competitor in this market that grows year after year, where much of companies are betting increasingly more options with the idea to satisfy even the most discerning of users.

The new Panasonic TVs not only come with the integration of technologies to catch up with new content and experiences, but also have premium materials to provide remarkable aspect in this market, where image and harmony who contribute to the living room or bedroom, and it is a major part of these devices.

Panasonic TVs
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New Studio Master HCX + processor

An important aspect of this new family, is the incorporation of the new processor Studio Master HCX + (Hollywood Cinema Experience plus), which enables users to play content HDR, improved color reproduction, plus as Panasonic is up to 40 times more accurate than a conventional TV.

An interesting point is that the panels using these TVs are LCD, but with a technology which is called Wide Colour Phosphor which allows the backlight used in LED panels, this thanks to a new system color filter provides a range of wider color.

These technologies allow the model DX900 is the first TV company in having the ‘Ultra HD Premium’ certification awarded by the UHDA (Ultra HD Alliance), which means it meets the standards for content and 4K HDR Pro.

Firefox OS is still present

This range of TVs 2016 is composed of a variety of models of flat screen 4K, which is as follows:

  • DX900 Series – The top model with 3000Hz BMR (Backlight Motion Rate), processor Studio Master HCX +, Premium Ultra HD certification, up to 1000 nits and available in 58 and 65 inches.
  • DX800 Series – Processor Studio Master HCX with 2000Hz BMR, available in 50 and 58 inches.
  • DX780 Series – Processor Studio Master HCX with 1800Hz BMR, available in 50, 58 and 65 inches.
  • DX700 Series – Processor Studio Master HCX 1400 Hz BMR, available in 40, 50 and 58 inches.
  • DX600 Series – Processor Studio Master HCX with 800Hz BMR, available in 40, 49 and 55 inches.

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The entire range has new finishes beveled aluminum, coated fabric speakers, new frames and pedestals, giving it an ideal place for anyone looking not only technology, but also a premium appearance attractive design.

Besides this, all this new family integrates Firefox OS as an operating system for Smart TV functions, this being the second year that the company is committed to this solution to their televisions. Interestingly, this range 2016 still comes with the first version of the OS, but Panasonic says we’ll update later this year, which will bring new options and features that will add new value to the experience.

The new range of TVs Panasonic 2016 will be released throughout this year and prices will be announced later.

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