HTC software 10

Although most common in the presentation of a smartphone maximum level is to look at its technical specifications, the staging of HTC 10 returns us to make clear that the Taiwanese company continues to maintain closeness with Google that allows you to make an interpretation Android quite particular.

It could not be otherwise, the new version of HTC Sense Android 6.0.1 of Marshmallow. It is a step in the direction of recent years as close as possible the pure operating system, although the marks with weight still not daring to leave the entire platform without their seal. This case ends up being a bit of everything.

The old HTC Sense

They say since the company is a smartphone without bloatware, they have cleaned the most of the layer to provide a user interface as simple and manageable as possible. When you miss the first look at the newly installed mobile screen if you have a feeling of cleanliness. The cause, most apps are stored in your drawer.

HTC software 10
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The old HTC Sense appears very quickly, as soon as you make a gesture with your finger in search of Google Now and you find Blinkfeed, its particular content aggregate. Inside: a couple of applications over the house, as her subscription system and monitoring. And, of course, calls, messages and mail client itself.

Really they relate to what is to eliminate applications that have so often been duplicated in favor of the standard Android. The basic package of Google is there preferentially: galleries Photos, Calendar, Chrome, Drive, music player … There is also much Marhsmallow around the appearance of the menus in both settings as part of the shortcuts.

Obsessed with speed

But there are other times when HTC has preferred to pull their own software. They say it is a combination of the native Android with its developments, but no need to be so friendly when you’re right.

The most searched HTC performance 10 concepts is speed. We’ve heard that word several times during the event on Tuesday, and each referring to a different aspect of the terminal. It’s something right now asks any high-end, it is an obligation, but his approach is more competitive.

Your best bet is the response of the panel, the mobile react as fingertip feel on the screen. According to their measurements, the HTC 10 reacts in 120 milliseconds by a Galaxy S7 163 or 206 of an Xperia Z5. Yes, we confirm that is very fast, but these differences are negligible.

As we have seen each other that agility is in the unlock screen by footprint and camera application. They have fled the Android to make a better, according to the parameters first level of its auto focus and trigger.

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Those details, Freestyle and Boost +

A few more details about the software HTC 10 Asian manufacturer will move without. The first is Boost +, a manager of the system that regulates the use of hardware to optimize performance without penalizing the battery. Ensure that is done to increase the duration of a load up to 30%, but it is something that we have seen in such a short session.

We know that the apps memory management do not give much result as sell us, but the good news is that beyond that first function and also serves to have the cleanest mobile residual files or to organize the applications installed on depending on our preference of use.

Much more party will be able to get Freestyle Layout, the system customizing the user interface. From a series of downloadable themes, the owner will be able to order items from the screen to your liking, without having to stick to a grill, stickers and assign the program you want to avoid the usual icons.

If a topic is chosen such as the beach can have a maritime background in which there is an umbrella to launch the camera, sunglasses for the browser and sun to WhatsApp. Once everything is installed from the same desktop with a very intuitive menu will like much to the casual users.

These are the three levels of approximation of HTC Android 6.0 10 Marshmallow. First, enough respect for everything that works well; second, a series of own utility applications; and finally the footprint left by the manufacturer.

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