Slow Internet

There are certain occasions when our Internet connection becomes slow because our ISP is going through a problem on their systems. This usually happens in very few cases so the rest can be a problem with our equipment or other factors that are causing these problems on our network. That is why I bring here in Web2GB some small tips that solve these annoying.

Slow Internet
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A good router “top”

Sometimes we think that with the router that we provide our companies should be sufficient for our Internet connection is perfect. And in theory at least, so it should be but nothing is further from reality. A good team and, above all, with a good configuration, can be important when performing such basic tasks as online play or navigate and do not talk to share documents over the network. It is also important that the chances of the WiFi network that incorporates not only be in the band of 2.4 Ghz but it would be very advisable that counted with the 5 GHz band, much less saturated and therefore less interference with the above.

It is equally important that your router is configured correctly as this will maximize our connection. Redirect, open or close some ports, may also prevent unwanted intrusions, improve the Internet.

The importance of DNS servers

Clearly, DNS servers can hardly affect connection speed but when they fall, represent a major schism is that virtually nothing works (nothing to depend on the Net). They will seldom make it happen but choosing reliableDNS servers running properly can be an important point. If you want to check the quality of your, you can do with this app called DNSBenchmark.

Control your Wi-Fi network

It is best to change the default password to your router brings as there are various attacks “brute force” attack the keys configured by default. Prevent intrusions through this network will be important as it is often one of the reasons by which we lose more bandwidth. Emphasize that the more computers are connected to your network, the speed we will have in each team will be reduced. That is why it is very advisable to check the users who connect to your Wi-Fi network, either through the log router itself or through such practical applications as Fing, a mobile application that tracks all networks you are connected for intruders. It is available for Android and iOS.

Beware of programs that use

It is advisable to check what software are running the various devices connected to your network and is, for example, the use of antivirus can be a burden from the network due to a possible update. Also important they are P2P programs and always check the programs that run when you boot your computer. Remember that you can measure the speed of your connection using some sites like SpeedTest, one of the most reliable currently

Remember that with these three simple tips you can learn a lot about the state of your Internet connection and how to improve it with just a few simple steps.

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