Making a list of things you want to do and places you want to visit before you die is called a Bucket List and it’s becoming more and more popular for individuals to write one and try to complete everything that’s written on it before they are no longer able to, due to health or financial reasons.  Travelling to different places and visiting foreign Countries is one of the main items written on most people’s Lists.  When the Covid Pandemic struck the entire world back in 2020 and travel was banned for almost two years, the furthest people could go was to take a walk around the local block or run around an empty field.  Now that travel is once again on the agenda, it’s become THE most popular Bucket List wish for thousands of individuals, couples and groups of families and friends.

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Travelling anywhere, in the United Kingdom or abroad needs to be done safely and having a mobile phone that has a consistent signal at all times is essential. The only way to guarantee a signal is to have a Multi Network Sim Card, this innovative device can be fitted into any phone which then automatically connects to the strongest Network Signal in the area.

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Everyone carries a phone these days and taking one on a holiday wherever you go in the World is essential, not just to take amazing photos but to book hotels and find interesting places to visit.

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