Arranging a work or special event of any kind takes a great deal of planning and preparation, but the annual Christmas Party is usually a prestigious affair that most of your business colleagues will attend. You have been tasked with finding the perfect place for you all to eat, so you start by looking at recent reviews posted on Social Media, Google and Trip Advisor Websites.  After completing lots of research and asking family members and friends for recommendations you finally decide on the perfect venue.  With many Five Star Reviews, that mention great Customer Service, Locally sourced, healthy, food options, a plethora of drinks, both alcoholic and soft, as well as them operating a modern Pager System that their Team of friendly Serving Staff have all been thoroughly trained on the use of.

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Having prior knowledge of everything this fine dining restaurant has to offer you are absolutely certain that your Work’s annual Christmas Party will be perfect.  The food will be extraordinary and the well-trained Staff will operate efficiently and effectively using the innovative Pager System that’s installed at the venue.

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Once all your friends and work colleagues are seated comfortably, the Waiters and Waitresses will know when they are ready to order because of the Call Buttons located on every table.  A fabulous evening with great food and efficient service that will be fondly remembered for many months to come.

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