When the Covid Pandemic swept across the entire Globe back in 2020, even our Capital City of London had to go into Lockdown and businesses everywhere had to turn to new ways of promoting their Brand Identities to remain viable.  On the border of London is the Home County of Surrey which covers over 642 square miles and has a growing population of just under 1,300,000, many of whom live in the densely populated north while the more rural south is home to far fewer families and individuals.  Divided by the famous North Downs, a fascinating chalk escarpment that divides the two halves of the County, Surrey has also rapidly become famous for its creative and powerful Website Design Surrey Agencies such as www.akikodesign.com/design/web-and-digital.

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Surrey was as badly affected by the deadly Virus as London and the rest of the Country but because of their creative, powerful, innovative On-Line Marketing strategies designed and created by this professional, local Agency, their Clients remained solvent and managed to ride the storm of Covid.  Now that the Virus is under control with the continued use of a targeted Vaccination programme, On-line Advertising is continuing to prove it’s the most effective promotion tool.

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Just like Virtual Reality, with a relevant SEO and On-Line Advertising Campaign you can see beyond the boundaries of standard business promotions and experience a new and powerful level of success.

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